DZ06 is the northernmost section of the Dark Zone. The most brutal enemies in the game appear here, but this area also houses the best loot and the best chances to get them. Enemies here range from level 29 to 30, until the player hits level 30, then the enemies become level 30-34, depending on the World Tier the player is in. This area also houses more veteran and Elite level enemies compared to DZ01 and DZ02. Because the player level cap is currently 30, players are advised to team up with others if they are venturing into this zone. Just like DZ05, this area is dominated by Cleaners and LMB. There are also a few First Wave Division Rogues that travel with their own LMB teams.

The checkpoints are located at opposite ends of 53rd St. 


  • Mid Town Music - in real life this is Radio City Music Hall.
  • Q Building
  • One extraction zone - located at W 53rd St. and 6th Ave.

Church Safehouse

The northernmost safehouse in the Dark Zone, known to players as the Church, has the best selection of Special Gear the game has to offer. As of Update 1.5, the Church no longer sells solely Nomad gear sets.

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