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DZ07 is an area of the Dark Zone. Added in with Update 1.6, it is one of the three areas added into what is referred to the "Dark Zone North", the others being DZs 08 and 09.

In DZ07 and above, all enemies, regardless of faction, are Elites, even the patrols. This makes any DZ North area treacherous, even with the best gear available.

Landmarks Edit

  • The Nest

  • The Alley

  • The Mall

  • The Furnance

  • The Palace-----this is the real life Plaza Hotel

  • The Plaza

  • The Opera---this is the real life Carnegie Hall

There is one checkpoint in DZ07 located at N 6th Ave at the bottom of Central Park. The checkpoint has one exit into DZ07; the "back door" of the checkpoint is marked with quarantine zone tape and a whiteboard that says CP01.

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