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DZ08 is an additional area of the Dark Zone. It was added in along with DZs 07 and 09 and makes up part of the "Dark Zone North" area. This area contains only Elite enemies, regardless of where the player is and what faction the enemies are. It is treacherous to go into DZ North, even with the best available gear.


  • The South Tunnel
  • The Boiler
  • The Basement - this landmark is located between in DZ08 and DZ09.
  • The Depot

Additionally there are four Division Tech locations in DZ08, along with one checkpoint located at Park Ave and E 56th St., one check point located at E 58th ST.  and one safe house; which is on E 57th St.

Extraction Zone

The Extraction point is next to The South Tunnel Landmark in the middle of DZ08.

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