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Dark Zone East is a Dark Zone area that is in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The zone is located in Washington D.C. by the East Mall and north of The Capitol and was closed off and quarantined after a massive explosion at a DC-62 stockpile.


DZ East was a military occupied staging ground during the initial "Dollar Flu" outbreak. At some point in time, an explosion occurred in a DC-62 stockpile facility. This led to giant clouds of the toxin spreading over the area, killing people and contaminating the whole area. The zone around the explosion was quickly walled off in an attempt to stop the spread of the toxin and avoid further deaths, which was mostly successful. The military then moved their staging ground to the Waterfront, which would later unfortunately become DZ South.

The Re-Opening of DZ East

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When the explosion of DC-62 went off, most of the people in the area fled to safer grounds. When the city collapsed, they locked up the area and closed the main gates. In order to enter the zone, your character must open gates, activate the DZ Safe House and it's defenses, and scan the area.



Extraction Sites

  • Northern Extraction PointOutside Union Station, Columbus Circle
  • Southern Extraction PointRobert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon Monument, New Jersey Ave NW

DZ Checkpoints

  • Alpha (Main Entrance)Junction of Pennsylvania Ave NW and 3rd Street NW
  • Bravo - Junction of D Street NW and 3rd Street NW
  • Charlie - Junction of F Street NW and 3rd Street NW
  • Delta - Junction of Massachusetts Ave NW and New Jersey Ave NW
  • Echo - North Capitol Street NW (North of Massachusetts Ave NW)
  • Foxtrot - D Street NE (South of Columbus Circle)
  • Golf - Junction of Constitution Ave NE and Delaware Ave NE



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