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Dark Zone South is a Dark Zone area that is in Tom Clancy's The Division 2The zone is located in Washington D.C. by the Waterfront and was sealed off when the entire area flooded, spilling DC-62 across the entire zone.


The Waterfront was made into a military staging ground after the Capital Station area was contaminated with DC-62. Unfortunately not long after moving, a massive flood occurred and the stores of DC-62 in the area were breached and spilled out into the floodwaters. This spread the dangerous toxin all around the Waterfront contaminating the whole area. The JTF was once again forced to leave. As they left the hurriedly built up another wall surrounding the area and renamed it Dark Zone South.

The Re-Opening of DZ South



Extraction Sites

Northern Extraction Point - US Department of Agriculture Building, Independence Ave NW
Southern Extraction Point - Maryland Ave Linear Park, Maryland Ave NW

DZ Checkpoints

  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Foxtrot
  • Golf



Dark Zone South Recon Side Mission Division 2

Dark Zone South Recon Side Mission Division 2

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