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Dark Zone West is a Dark Zone area that is in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The zone is located in Georgetown, Washington D.C.  and was sealed off when the toxic effects of DC-62 were discovered rendering the whole area uninhabitable.


DZ West occupies the whole area that makes up the city district of Georgetown. During the outbreak of the Green Poison virus, Georgetown residents agreed to have their entire neighborhood fumigated with the experimental chemical known as DC-62 by the JTF. At the time, the hazardous properties were not known, but were quickly discovered when people started to quickly die of respitory complications.

Opposition to DC-62

As seen in an ECHO there were residents like Shay Montgomery who opposed the use of unknown chemical agent on their homes, however any dissention was hushed up by influential members of the community such as Victor Tranh accsuing these people of being infected with the "Dollar Flu" which forced these people to flee their homes for fear of the JTF wrongfully sending them to a quarantine facility like Roosevelt Island.

However, when it was discovered that DC-62 was toxic when exposed to extremely cold conditions, it was too late the JTF had sprayed the entire of Georgetown and the whole area was rendered contanminated and had to be placed under quarantine and walled off. The JTF then designated this area as Dark Zone West.

Later, when a Division Agent goes to recon DZ West, Victor Tranh is found dead, strung up from an elevated metro track, clearly murdered by the Georgetown residents in revenge for him persuading them to accept DC-62 and dooming themselves.

The Re-Opening of DZ West

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Extraction Sites

DZ Checkpoints



Dark Zone West Recon Side Mission Division 2

Dark Zone West Recon Side Mission Division 2

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