What are Dark Zones?Edit

Dark Zones are The Division's combination PvP/PvE areas, and where characters will have the most interaction outside of Social Zones or Bases of Operations. Within Dark Zones are both higher-level AI enemies, such as the roaming, fire-obsessed Cleaners and the possibly psychopathic Rikers, and player groups, which can become hostile. Also found within these areas are high-level or generally rare loot drops which are much more difficult to find within the main world. 

What Makes Them So Dangerous?Edit

Dark Zones are made most dangerous by the presence of other player groups. These groups, due to their abilities and weapons, are on the level with all other Division agents they may encounter. Thusly, they are to be avoided if seen and only combated if necessary, although due to the Dark Zones' nature as free for all areas capable of holding approximately 100 players, or around 25 squads of four separate players, this task may be fairly difficult. If a player opens fire on another, they are marked as "Rogue", and extra points are awarded for those who take them down. Even those within your group can turn against you, as seen in the E3 2015 demo. Another threat is viral contamination, which is present in Dark Zones to such a degree that entire blocks require the use of protective gear. Most important, however, is attention to one's environment. As seen in the E3 2013 Gameplay Demo, gunfire and other ambient sound caused by combat will be heard by and act as a draw for other players.

That Sounds Scary. What Do I Get For Doing This Again?Edit

Well, I'll tell you, Agent! You get sweet, sweet LOOT. That's right! Armor, weapons, food, water- you get it all. There is, however, a catch. If you get your nåive little skull perforated while you're poking around a Dark Zone's local Walmart, you'll lose all the cool stuff you picked up. But since nobody wants that to happen except people with a murder problem, you can call for an extraction instead, where a friendly helicopter comes along and picks you and your new stuff up, making it yours permanently. This action, according to gameplay demos, will take about 90 seconds and alert every single player in the area to your location.

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