Dawn's Early Light is a story mission in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. This is the first mission that the player does in Washington, D.C., where your primary goal is to stop the siege on the White House and secure the area. It also introduces Manny Ortega, the Division coordinator, and Coop Dennison, the quartermaster for Division tech.

Description Edit

ISAC is scrambled. The Division network is unresponsive. Reach the White House and search for answers.

Briefing Edit

Incoming alert on the S.H.D. emergency channel. FLASH priority.
Manny Ortega:
The Base of Operations is under attack. Hostile forces have breached our southern perimeter. We are in need of immediate assistance. Repeat. Need immediate assistance from any nearby agents!

Manny Ortega (from speaker system):

Attention all government personnel! The White House is under attack! This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill!

Objectives Edit

  • Reach the White House lawn
  • Secure the South Lawn
  • Enter the White House
  • Meet up with the Division Coordinator upstairs
  • Talk to the Quartermaster downstairs
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