A group of Rikers discusses the idea of making cops, judges, and other public servants fight in an arena.


Riker 1: We need us a real battle royale, with knives and maces and shit. Like gladiators.

Riker 2: Love to watch them rip each other to pieces. Cops versus judges?

Riker 1: Tell them we'll let the winner go. Whoever kills the most pigs, is the pig that gets to go free.

Riker 3: Cops versus prison guards, maybe?

Riker 1: Then, when he's done killing his friends, we can just lock him up again. Save him for another round. Keep him the full season, y'know what I mean? Like a fighting dog.

Riker 3: Cops versus parole officers!

Riker 1: Now you're talking!

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