The Department of Justice is a Theater Settlement side mission in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. This mission has Division agents destroy a True Sons stockpile that was located at the Department of Justice's building.

Description Edit

Destroy an important stockpile of True Sons munitions.

Briefing Edit

Manny Ortega:

Theater scouts have identified a True Sons munitions stockpile at the Department of Justice building. It seems only right to blow it the fuck up, don't you think? Your target will be several reinforced ammo crates in the main courtyard. You'll need explosives to destroy them, but you should be able to procure C4 on site.

Objectives Edit

  • Secure the area
  • Open the garage
  • Collect the explosives
  • Plant explosives
  • Neutralize remaining hostiles

Trivia Edit

  • Upon completion, the site becomes a Water Resource Node
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