Get bent, fuckstick.
- Diesel, Hyenas Council Member

Diesel is a Hyena Council member, he was called in by the others to defend the stronghold in Judiciary Square after the rapid defeat by The Division in the footholds in the city grounds. After The Division infiltrated the stronghold, he set up a defense at the garage, a rusted APC with a turret and himself including a minigun. He was then killed by The Division despite his efforts.

Diesel has a domineering personality and uses intimidation tactics to subdue his enemies. Despite this, he's a coward on the inside and will get others to fight his battles when he feels legitimately threatened. Diesel is vain about his appearance and doesn't like to show emotional or physical weakness.

He is believed to be involved in a number of homicides.

Abilities Edit

Diesel is the second boss of the District Union Arena. He is firstly in an armoured car with several other Hyenas providing security and then when the armoured car is destroyed he comes out to take down the player personally. He is a Tank armed with body armour and an MG5 LMG. He usually provides suppressive fire for his allies to then charge in and attack.


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