Yeah. You can guess why I got this name. I be slingin'.
- Dime

Dime is a Hyena Council member. He considered himself as boss of the bosses, the toughest within the Hyenas. The agent confront him and Diesel in the District Union Arena. After the agent successfully infiltrated the stronghold and eliminated Diesel and most of the Hyena forces, he retreated back to make his last stand in the basketball stadium, which led to his defeat by The Division.

Dime is highly ambitious and is believed to have an academic background. He has a reputation for taking advantage of other people's misfortunes and will do everything in his power to solidify his position of authority. Dime will never admit defeat and will repeat tasks over and over again until he gets them right.

Abilities Edit

Dime is the third and final boss of the District Union Arena. As shown after several waves of Hyenas, he is a shield armed with a Hyena Riot Shield and a converted SMG-9. He is very fast and usually tries to flank the player while they are distracted by other Hyenas. Upon death in the first playthrough, he drops 2 superior equipment items.


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