Directive 51 is a presidential arrangement from 2007, that promises an assurance of specific rights in a catastrophic emergency. It was written and signed by President Bush on May 4th, 2007. This emergency describes a location independent incident that threatens the American people, infrastructure, environment and political functions.

If another operation like Dark Winter was conducted there there is a possibility that an organization such as the Division will be activated in order to not only restore government control but to also save of what remains of society.

In Real Life

Directive 51 also known as National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive was written and signed on May 4th, 2007. The law also gives American citizen's specific rights in a catastrophic emergency. The law was signed after Operation Dark Winter also caused the collapse of society by creating a mock simulation of a smallpox outbreak in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and additional cases in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The directive is highly controversial as it allows a single branch of government to coordinate with the others.

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