The remaining Hyenas are running scared and have fallen back to the District Union Arena, their final stronghold. Take the fight to them and wipe out the remaining Council members in one decisive blow.

This is the first Stronghold the player will face in the Main Story, and thus has the lowest level requirement of 26.


Eliminate the Hyena Council

  • Gain access to the District Union Arena.
  • Enter the arena.
  • Sweep the first concourse.
  • Reach the second concourse.
  • Sweep the second concourse.
  • Restore the power.
  • Secure the area.
  • Open the shutter.
  • Sweep the second concourse.
  • Reach the mall.
  • Neutralize Books.
  • Secure the area.
  • Investigate the garage.
  • Destroy the armored car.
  • Neutralize Diesel.
  • Secure the garage.
  • Reach the arena.
  • Use the ventilation system.
  • Secure the drug lab.
  • Reach the arena.
  • Secure the arena.
  • Neutralize Dime.
  • Secure the arena.
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