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The reward for finding all comms in this collection is ? E-Credits and ? XP.

Agent AWOLEdit

Location: ?, ?
Description: ?


Broad-Spectrum AntiviralEdit

Location: (3400, 1470) - In the Jefferson Trade Center mission
Description: Kelso briefs Manny on the DCD broad-spectrum antiviral.


Kelso's ApartmentEdit

Location: ?, ?
Description: ?


Kelso RecruitmentEdit

Location: (3343, 2070) - Found in the Final Epiphany safehouse
Description: Agent Kelso is recruited by SHD.

Agent Kelso Don't we have enough agencies in this country?

SHD Recruiter It's not so much an agency as a kind of stay-behind movement. A last line of defense if you will. No hierarchy, and you'll answer directly to the President.

Agent Kelso And I'll get to do whatever I want?

SHD Recruiter Whatever is needed, Ms. Kelso. Should you be activated, you'll be given extraordinary judicial powers to--

Agent Kelso Extraordinary judicial powers, huh? All right. Sign me up.

SHD Recruiter I'll get the paperwork started. Selection is six weeks from now. Good luck.

Odessa RecruitedEdit

Location: (3606, 2080) - In the Grand Washington Hotel mission
Description: Odessa Sawyer, a formed SHD agent, is recruited to be the leader of the Theater settlement.


Priority Target: Amherst (Update)Edit

Location: (2885, 1910) - Found in the White House in a hallway near the Clan Quarters
Description: Message to all agents regarding Amherst, Green Poison, and Black Friday.

Priority message. To all active duty agents, The individual responsible for the creation and release of the Smallpox Variola Chimera virus, also known as "The Dollar Flu" or "The Green Poison", has been identified as Doctor Gordon Amherst. Amherst's body has been found and identified. Postmortem shows that he died his own disease. End message.

Priority Target: KeenerEdit

Location: (2844, 1922) - Found in the White House
Description: Update to all agents regarding Keener's status and Rogue Agents in Manhattan

Priority message. To all active duty agents, Be aware that Agent Aaron Keener, Call sign "Vanguard" has had agent status revoked and now a priority target. Keener is directly responsible for the murders of several S.H.D. Agents in New York, and he is now wanted high treason and acts of terrorism against the United States. He is armed and extremely dangerous, and it believed that he has gathered other former agents to his cause. Identities will be released once they are confirmed. Keener's last known position was Manhattan, NYC. End Message.

Sawyer ReunitedEdit

Location: ?, ?
Description: Agent Odessa Sawyer is reunited with her daughter after being discharged from active duty.


Sawyer's SeparatedEdit

Location: (3617, 2070) - In the Grand Washington Hotel mission
Description: Agent Odessa Sawyer has to leave her husband and daughter when she is activated.


Theater RecruitmentEdit

Location: ?, ?
Description: ?


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