Oh, yeah. Special analytics unit to investigate that missing First Wave, and also repair that nice tech you guys got. Can't wait to get my hands on that shit.

Upgrade details: Special analytics unit to carry out in investigation of the first wave of Division agents, as well as repairs for Division technology.

Division Tech can be found in the Dark Zone or in Supply Drops and can be upgraded into crafting materials.

Standard Division Tech can be made into Specialized material for a 2 to 1 trade.

Specialized Division Tech can be made into a High-end material for a 2 to 1 trade.

High-end Division Tech is used for crafting items bought from Dark Zone level 50 blueprints and you need 3 for each item.

You can upgrade your Items at the Tech stage in your Base.

Division Tech can also be used at the Optimization Station in The Terminal.

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