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The Double Barrel Shotgun is a Shotgun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

A sawed-off variant appears as the "Double Barrel Sawed Off", but is classified as a sidearm.

The weapon has two exotic variants, one called "Cassidy" a full-length DBL shotgun with a bright brown finish and golden engravings, and has a special ability of discharging both barrels in one trigger pull.

The other is the "Defiler", which uses the same look as Cassidy, but in sawed-off form.

The full-sized DBL is sometimes used by elite named Cleaners engineers.

Handling and Usage

Apart from the skin slot, the Double Barrel Shotgun has no weapon mod slots, meaning an agent cannot add any attachments to the relatively old-fashioned weapon. The shotgun can only ever chamber two shotgun shells at a time, and pulling the trigger will fire one of its two barrels. The inability to modify the gun and the need to reload after two shots, on top of the short range and wide pellet spread symptomatic of all shotguns, is typically compensated for with its high base power.

The Double Barrel Shotgun is fine if an agent is looking for a gun that works right out of the box and doesn't mind getting into super-close quarters, or if they just want a more "classic" gun in their arsenal.

The Double Barrel Shotgun typically has a wooden stock and a polished silver trigger and firing mechanism with engravings in it. Changing the weapon's skin will alter the wooden finish.



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