I'll make them pay for this. They'll all gonna die.
- Doug vows revenge against the Rikers that killed his squad

Doug Sutton was a First Wave Division agent. He was most notably part of Noble Squad. Like the rest of his squad, he is first seen in an ECHO as he and his squadmates help a man from being mugged. He was the sole survivor of his squad, whereas the others were slaughtered by Rikers in an ambush. In another ECHO, it is revealed his squad mate, Akil Hoopster, was the last one to be alive as he told him the whereabouts of the Rikers that had killed his companions before succumbing to his wounds. He vowed revenge against the Rikers that killed his squad mates. He then took it upon himself to rescue April Kelleher who was captured by the same gang of Rikers. Doug managed to save her, but ultimately died in the process. Doug's body can be seen with a cloth draped over it next to his final ECHO location implying that she survived and covered his body as seen by his division styled gear.


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