Downtown East is a zone found in Washington, D.C. This zone contains several points of interest, mainly being the Theater Settlement, and the main mission Grand Washington Hotel.

Missions Edit

Main Missions Edit

A short story mission in which Division Agents make contact with the Theater Settlement and its leader, Odessa Sawyer.

The first important main mission that can be found inside Downtown East is the Grand Washington Hotel mission. This mission has agents enter the aforementioned hotel in order to both rescue the daughter of the Theater Settlement's leader, and to neutralize the Hyenas that have taken it over.

Side Missions Edit

Search the Odea offices for battery packs.

Recover a SHD tech cache from the Empire Autumn hotel.

Neutralize the Hyena presence in an apartment complex.

Help the MLK Library community.

Control Points Edit

Downtown East is home to four control points. One in the northwest corner, one in the southwest corner, one in the northeast corner, and one just west of District Union Arena.

Collectibles Edit

Comms Edit

ECHOs Edit

SHD Tech Caches Edit

There are 7 SHD Tech Caches hidden around the Downtown East zone.

  • The first cache is located at (3120, 2116) behind a locked fence. The "Simple Math" comms is also found there
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