What now? World on fire again?"
"Possibly, literally, yes.

Dragon's Nest is an Incursion for Tom Clancy's The Division released in Update 1.3 - Underground. The Joint Task Force are investigating a massing of Cleaner forces in the Port Control Transit Terminal. A squad of Division agents join the investigation and ultimately uncover the Cleaners' new secret weapon: a fire truck mounted with a flamethrower and incendiary mortar launcher, christened the "Dragon." The squad of agents must destroy "Dragon One" before it ever sees the light of day and wreaks havoc upon New York City.


Once starting the Incursion, players must first head to the JTF soldiers waiting outside and pick up the explosives. After reaching the main garage door, one must place the explosives. When the door blows open, a group of Cleaners will emerge, including Shields, Incinerators, and Mechanics. The Mechanics in Dragon's Nest will deploy RC Cars that explode into fire, acting like an agent's Seeker Mine.

Cleaners - Dragon's Nest
After clearing that area, the players will go through the transit terminal and head outside. There are two levels in the next area. The lower level will have some Cleaners. These include Mechanics, so make sure the team is alert of their RC Cars. When engaging this group, 2 more groups of Cleaners including Controllers and more Mechanics will emerge from various doors on each end of the area.

We must protect Dragon One. Heavy team responding to the external threat.
- Cleaner

Four Horsemen
Once the area is cleared, the Four Horsemen Collective will emerge from each corner of the area. The Collective consists of 2 Flamethrower and 2 LMG Incinerators, each with a special ability. Pestilence will throw toxic gas grenades, War will throw flashbang grenades, Death will throw shock mines, and Famine will throw incendiary grenades. Players must eliminate all four to proceed. Do note that once a Horseman dies, an endless wave of Cleaners will begin to spawn in. A recommended strategy is to lower all four health bars, and then finish the 4 Bosses off in one attack.

Dragon's Nest - Approach Dragon
Once the player finishes with the Four Horsemen, the player will go to another area. As the player enters the next area, the player will encounter multiple waves of Cleaners, including Mechanics and Incinerators.

After this area is cleared, the player will now go against the main part of the Incursion. Once the player turns on the power for the crane system, a hole will emerge in the floor for the player to enter.

Dragon 1
The main part of the Incursion is against the Dragon, a firetruck modified to throw out actual fire. The Dragon acts like the Falcon Lost APC, but instead of targeting the player's position, it will target specific grids zones of the room. These zones will be set on fire for a certain amount of time. Players are recommended to have a Support Station with the immunizer mod to remove the ''On Fire Status Effect'' when the Dragon attacks. The Dragon is also equipped with a flamethrower turret that will attack the player if the player gets too close, so be careful.

To destroy The Dragon, the player must drop a water tank on to the firetruck. In order to drop the water tank, players must activate two switches on the left and right sides of the room. The switches must be activated within 1 second of each other. Failure to do so will lock the other switch and the players will have to try again.

Jesus! Stuck again? Is this a government building?! Killing the power again. I'll let you know when we're good to go.
- Paul Rhodes

Once the switch has been activated, the tank will start to move, before breaking down. The players will have to wait out until the next set of switches can be activated. A total of 4 sets of switches must be activated.

During this section, Cleaners will be attacking the player's position as well. The enemies will mostly be Collectors. Collectors appear similar to Shields, but are only armed with AK-47s. Once the 2nd and 3rd switches are activated, Controllers and Mechanics will begin to enter as well. The Mechanics in this section will not use the RC Cars.

The final set of switches will release the water tank and destroy The Dragon. However, the switches will put the player in range of the flamethrower turret. Once the switches have been activated, the tank will drop and take out the truck. The Incursion will complete when the remaining enemies are eliminated.

Note: if your team takes too long to activate the final set of switches, The Dragon will start to shoot green fire that is designed to wipe you with an almost instant kill. Even if you somehow survive this green fire the buttons will no longer drop the water tank and you will be unable to complete this incursion without wiping and restarting this last section.

Item Drops and Rewards

There are two sets of loot drops. The first is after defeating the Collective Four Horsemen. The second is after destroying the Dragon. The weekly reward depends on the difficulty of the Incursion as well as if the player have completed the Incursion since the last weekly reset. Challenging difficulty on World Tier 5 gives 256 Gear Score items.


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