Assault Drone
The Drone is piece of SHD Technology which serves as one of the skills in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Latest from SHD Tech, the assault drone is an unmanned device with various settings and capabilities.


The Assault Drone is an unmanned hovering device that can be controlled remotely and can be deployed at a push of a button to unleash a special brand of hell against enemies. Depending on the settings programmed into an Assault Drone, the Assault Drone can

  1. Open continuous bursts of ballistic attacks on its targets via the onboard turret.
  2. Use experimental microwave directed emitter to shield the user from ballistic attacks.
  3. Provide support and regenerate the armor of its user or the user's allies.
  4. Drop a barrage of explosives on the enemies targeted by the user.
  5. Provide a tactical advantage for Sharpshooter Specialists via continuously scanning and monitoring enemy targets and reporting the data back to the user.


  • Striker
    • As suggested by the name, this is an offensive version of the Drone. Built for combat, the Striker possesses a turret that inflicts continuous damage upon its target. This drone can receive remote orders from its controller to attack specific targets.
      • The Striker Drone's indicator lights are the iconic Division orange, and a miniature turret is attached at the bottom via an extension.
  • Defender
    • The Defender is a defensive drone that protects its owner by utilizing an experimental microwave directed emitter. It attempts to deflect incoming bullets with microwave bursts, creating an invisible barrier. However, each bullet deflected reduces it's duration, and it is incapable of defending itself from enemy fire. It can, however, be ordered to guard friends or other friendly skill items. The drone will deflect any bullet so long as its able to, ranging from shots from a pistol to the cannons of a Warhound, however it cannot deflect explosive munitions like grenades or rockets. The drone's defense is not 100% perfect and can only defend against attacks from one direction at a time (which is either anything infront or to the back of the target). Additionally, the drone's slower speed also prevents it from reliably protecting a sprinting target.
      • The Defender Drone's indicator lights are baby blue, and the experimental microwave emitter is attached at the bottom via an extension.
  • Tactician
    • Built for intel, this utility drone flies to maximum elevation at a location of your choosing and spots all hostiles it can see, effectively highlighting their location. While deployed, it gives you and your party continuous information about the position of the enemies within your area. It acts very similar to Pulse. This is the Specialist skill for the Sharpshooter Specialization.
      • The Tactician Drone's indicator lights are yellow, and a small radar and bird's eye camera is attached to the bottom of the drone.
  • Bombardier
    • This drone can perform a bombing run across a long area. The drone flies to an area designated by the player and drops a barrage of explosives as it strafes from one end of the zone to the other. Why need air support when you can use this mod and go on the offensive.
      • The Bombardier Drone's indicator lights are a light red, and the explosives are contained in a holder at the bottom of the drone.
  • Fixer
    • This supportive drone repairs armor over time. You can choose whether you want it to fly next to you and passively repair your armor, or choose a friendly target whose armor needs repairing, including other damaged skills.
      • The Fixer Drone's indicator lights are a bright green, and a special feeder is attached to the bottom of the drone via an extension.


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