Elija "Huntsman" Le was a bomb disposal unit member turned SHD recruiter. He was the one that signed on future rogue agents Aaron Keener and Carter Leroux. After the outbreak, he turned rogue and hoped to be Keener's successor. He is currently in an undisclosed location in Washington, D.C.


Elija Le worked in the bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan and earned a Silver Star medal for bravery. His military ambitions were cut short when he tripped an explosive device in Helmand province. He was subsequently given an honorable discharge and spent a year undergoing physical therapy. Due to his injuries, The Division hired Le as a recruiter. He is directly responsible for hiring both Keener and Leroux. He used the activation of The Division to gain a spot on the first wave and get back out into the field. Le remained an active Division agent until the LMB were deployed, eventually withdrawing his position to support them. After Charles Bliss's death, Le joined the rogue cell and has since been eager to prove himself as a ruthless leader.


After the Dark Zone retreat, Le saw The Division's inability to contain the situation. He witnessed both The Division and Last Man Battalion personnel has been abandoned by the JTF. While Le was still a believer of The Division's cause, he joined the LMB instead due to them being more capable to contain the situation on the Manhattan Island.

After the LMB's leader Charles Bliss death and the subsequent fall of the LMB itself, Le was left aimless. One of his former recruited agents, the now rogue agent Aaron Keener, found Le, and persuaded him to join his cause, and gave him the code-name "Huntsman".

After Keener's death, Carter Leroux led four of Keener's most trusted rogue agents in an operation to attempt recruiting Outcasts in Washington, D.C. for their cause, and Le was one of the rogue agents. Le questioned Leroux's position as the leader of the squad, citing that he is more experienced and should be leading instead of following. Leroux refused to hand over his position as the squad leader because Keener named him to be the squad leader. Leroux then told Le that either he follows his commands or else leave the squad. In the end, Le agreed with Leroux being the leader of the squad.

Despite him agreed to Leroux's leadership, he made his mind set for being the leader of all rogue agents, like what Keener was.

Le launched an assault on D.C. with his newly recruited members. An agent eliminated the hostile presence, and located Le. Le fought with the agent and was killed in the process.


Huntsman was a rogue agent armed with an Infantry MG5, Tactical SASG-12 K, Artillery Turrets, Air-Burst Seeker-Mines and Eclipse Virus Grenades.


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