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We have to be monsters. It's the only way we can get justice.
- Emeline Shaw

Emeline Shaw was the founder and the cult leader of the Outcasts. She was an Asymptomatic Carrier of the virus who was hellbent on destroying those who betrayed her.


Before the Green Poison outbreak, Shaw was a prosecutor with a no-nonsense personality, as she aggressively stated evidence against a defendant who had brutally murdered his girlfriend.

Emeline was forcefully separated from her daughter Savannah during the quarantine, and she later learned that Savannah had died due to mistreatment at Roosevelt Island. This trauma forms the foundation of Emeline's quest for vengeance against everyone responsible, and everyone who stood by and let it happen.

Emeline is also an asymptomatic carrier of the disease, something in which she takes a certain perverse pride, as if she was spared so that she could enact her revenge on everyone else.

Through strength of charisma she leads the Outcasts. It is her force of personality that helps drive them, and that sweeps up those in her path to become her willing warriors.


Shaw is a charismatic and ruthless manipulator who exploits the weak. She has no known close friends, but an inner circle which she trusts implicitly.

Shaw managed to gather a group of like-minded quarantine survivors (such as Harlan Lloyd, who would eventually become Shaw's lieutenant and administrative coordinator), eventually becoming the faction's leader whilst at the same time, thanks to her charismatic oratory abilities.

Although she enjoyed high levels of control over the Outcasts, many rank-and-file drudges gave Emeline their unconditional support, as many were poorly treated in Roosevelt Island just like herself, not to mention a lot of the Outcasts share the same fury as herself.

However, Emeline Shaw's vengeful crusade against the population of Washington, D.C. had only made the Outcast Matriarch transform from a loving mother to a delusional sociopath and frantic killer, Shaw's rage and anger had completely blinded her from telling who was responsible for the Roosevelt Quarantine and who was not. So much she ordered Harlan Lloyd to burn copies of a JTF report detailing Ridgeway's arrest.

Shaw was evacuated by Outcast members when a squad of Division agents made an offensive into the Roosevelt Island headquarters of the Outcasts. While a perceived escape craft was destroyed by Division agents, there wasn't a valid visual of Shaw. Her escape was confirmed when she was tracked down to the Manning National Zoo.

Emeline was forced to fight back by using a minigun-grafted train to repel any Division agent attempting to apprehend her and when The Division finally stopped her from escaping, Shaw had to fight back as an Outcasts Incinerator. Shaw was no pushover, but by the time she and her drudges fought hard, she was too weak and too few to resist.

Afterwards, The Division found an ECHO as to why Emeline would choose to hole up in Manning National Zoo, she has a lot of memories with her daughter Savannah and chose the Zoo to recuperate and to remember the good times she had with Savannah.


Emeline Shaw is the final boss of Manning National Zoo. She first appears in an armored monorail car armed with a mini-gun, firing on Division agents. Once the agent has killed three elite supports and planted C4 on the pillars supporting her monorail car in the Polar Exhibit, she appears in the gap behind the third pillar.

She is a scorcher armed with a flamethrower and proximity mines which explode when the agent gets within range. However, she does not have the weak point of conventional scorchers - she does not carry a fuel tank on her back. She drops 3 high-end equipment items on normal difficulty, 4 on hard and 5 on challenging.


  • Although you do not fight her during her faction's downfall at Roosevelt Island (as it was confirmed by The Division that she obviously slipped through the player's fingers), she proves to be a worthy adversary at the climax of the Zoo with a minigun-grafted train and a flamethrower.
  • Emeline Shaw and her faction are very similar to Joe Ferro and his Cleaners from Tom Clancy's The Division.
    • Both of their factions' creation stemmed out of the death of a family member (Joe with his wife, Shawna and Emeline with her daughter, Savannah) and both are angry at the JTF (Joe believes they aren't doing enough to stop the Green Poison and Emeline suffered greatly from the quarantine).
    • Personality wise both were originally normal people who became warped by the Green Poison and the chaos that ensued. As leaders, they're both charismatic and look out for their followers' well-being. Their factions are also similar in the usage of homemade weapons and equipment, as well as possessing great zeal and discipline to their cause.
    • What separates both factions and leaders is their goal. Joe and his crew wish to wipe out the virus and will achieve this by any means necessary. Emeline and her followers seek revenge by spreading the virus even further.
      • Despite their differences and being labeled as villains, both are portrayed with a hint of sympathy (both to the audience and JTF leaders). At the end of Dragon's Nest, Roy Benitez stated he would have commended the Cleaners' efforts if their methods weren't so extreme, indicating that he understood their noble, yet misguided, goal.
      • At the end of the Roosevelt Island stronghold, Manny Ortega expressed his understanding on how much the Outcasts suffered during the quarantine and why they wanted revenge. He wishes that those that have died would find peace in the afterlife. In addition, Alani Kelso mentions the waste of life that Emeline put herself through, feeling like things could've gone better if Emeline and her Outcasts used their resources to make D.C. a better place.