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Emeline Shaw is the cult leader of the Outcasts. She is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus who is hellbent on destroying those who betray her.


Emeline Shaw lost her daughter in the Roosevelt Island quarantine. The trauma motivated her to form the Outcasts and seek revenge against those responsible.

Shaw is a charismatic and ruthless manipulator who exploits the weak. She has no known close friends, but an inner circle which she trusts implicitly.

During the breakout of Outcasts from Roosevelt Island, Shaw became the leader of the Outcasts thanks to her charismatic oratory abilities. She became close friends with several Outcast members, including coordinator Harlan Lloyd, and enjoyed high levels of control over the organization, with fanatical levels of support for her amongst rank-and-file members.

Shaw was allegedly evacuated by Outcast members when a unit of Strategic Homeland Division agents made an offensive into the Roosevelt Island headquarters of the Outcasts. While a perceived escape craft was destroyed by Division agents, it is suggested that there weren't a valid visual of Shaw. Title Update 4 suggests that Shaw is currently hiding somewhere in the D.C. Outskirts, in which she succeeded evading SHD capture at the conclusion of Roosevelt Island. Whether or not SHD wants Shaw neutralized will be determined in the D.C. Outskirts release (in which players also must determine the way they put President Ellis to justice).


Despite being the leader of a faction, you do not fight her during her faction's downfall, giving Shaw a Tom Clancy's The Division first by evading SHD capture quietly and unobviously in a mission.

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