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End of Watch is the fourth season in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. This season includes the Faye Lau Manhunt, four leagues, four Global Events, two Apparel Events, and a new mission variant.

Faye Lau Manhunt

Main article: Manhunt: Faye Lau

The Faye Lau manhunt centers around the rogue agent Faye Lau. In order to locate Lau, agents must locate and kill her four rogue lieutenants, code-named "Viper," "Kestrel," "Magnus," and "Circe."


Similar to the previous three seasons, End of Watch features four leagues. Each league focuses on one rogue lieutenant and their respective faction.

Viper League

The first league of the season, the Viper League has Division agents going after the Black Tusk faction and their territory in The Pentagon and Southwest zones.

Kestrel League

The Kestrel League focuses on the Hyenas faction and their influence over the Northwestern regions of Washington, D.C.

Magnus League

The third league, the Magnus League, centers around the Black Tusk in the Outcasts' territories.

Circe League

The Circe League is the final league of the season. In this league, the Black Tusk faction is targeted, along with their holdings in New York.

Season 4: End of Watch
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Faye Lau
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Global Events

End of Watch has four global events. Similar to previous seasons, it has three global events from before as well as one new event, Golden Bullet.

Golden Bullet

In Golden Bullet, enemies will randomly start making a "Golden Bullet." If they are allowed to complete it, they will gain a large damage boost. If they are killed either while making or using the bullet, the agent will receive the boost instead. The agent will also gain a boost to recoil control, reload speed, and accuracy. Killing enemies while having this buff resets the timer on it, allowing the buff to last a long while.

SHD Exposed

In SHD Exposed, when seen by enemies, agents gain exposure – increasing the damage they take from all attacks – and the rate of this exposure gain increases as an agent moves. However, agents may turn the tables on their opponents by striking them with melee attacks to transfer their exposure. Additionally, a fully-exposed agent may discharge their exposure to all nearby enemies by completing a cover-to-cover move.




In Hollywood, Rogues have outfitted all hostile factions with energy shields which deflect a majority of typical damage. However, these shields have proven quite dangerous if introduced to the proper stimuli.

Damaging shielded hostiles with explosives, EMP damage or any kind of specialization weapon will cause their shields to burn out and explode. Any enemies eliminated in this way will drop special ordinance. Agents are advised to arm themselves with as many explosives as they can carry.

Apparel Events

Unique to this season, there are two apparel events. These events are named Outguard and Codename: Nightmare.



Codename: Nightmare


Reward Track

Similar to other seasons, End of Watch has a 100 level reward track made up of two tracks, the standard track and the premium track.

Notable Rewards


  • The Codename: Nightmare Apparel Event was originally supposed to be a timed event in the Kenly College region, but was downsized to an Apparel Event instead.
  • The Codename: Nightmare Event is now shown to be a crossover event with Resident Evil, celebrating their 25th anniversary