Enemy Archetypes2

Many factions have different archetypes. Enemy archetypes can be found on the legend on the map, or by referencing the picture on the right.



Normal enemies have a standard red health bar, no armor, and have a low chance to drop loot. Loot dropped from Normal enemies are usually among the Worn and Standard rarity items; if the player is max level, the Normal enemies can drop Superior, High-End, or Gear Set items. All loot dropped are almost always expendable and are sold to vendors at low prices. Normal enemies can be found regularly roaming the streets of Manhattan in the lower level areas and can be dealt with quickly if the player has on-par equipment.


Veteran enemies have a purple health bar, light-moderate amounts of armor, and have a moderate chance to drop loot upon death. Loot dropped from Veteran enemies are usually among the Standard, Specialized, and Superior rarities to players that haven't reached max level yet, but will drop High-End and Gear Set items after the player has reached max level. Items acquired from Veteran enemies are more than likely going to be around the same level/gearscore or lower than what the player already has. Veteran enemies appear on the Hard difficulty, and regularly in higher level areas in the open world, especially when the player reaches max level, as well as in the Dark Zone.


Elite enemies have a gold health bar, moderate-high armor, and have a moderate-high chance at dropping loot. The rarity of the loot dropped from Elites, depending on the players level, can be either Superior, High-End, Exotic and/or a Gear Set item. Elite archetype enemies are the only kind of enemies that have the possibility to drop multiple items, along with the items being of different rarities (E.G. a named elite can drop High-end gear and a Gearset item in one drop), and usually these loot items can be useful to the player, along with being sold at a much higher price to vendors. Elites always appear on Challenging Difficulty, in higher level areas of open world Manhattan, along with higher level missions and Incursions. Elites are commonly found in the Dark Zone around Landmarks, Supply Drop locations, and in the tiers past DZ04.

Named Elite

Named Elites have bright yellow health bars, heavy armor, and most notably, a name. Named Elites also have a high chance at dropping valuable loot. The rarity of the loot depends on the players level, what kind of Archetype the Named Elite is, and where the enemy is encountered (Specific missions, open world roaming, Incursions, Dark Zone).

  • Named Elites encountered at lower levels (1-10) usually drop Standard and Specialized items.
  • Named Elites encountered at the midway levels (11-19) usually drop Specialized and Superior items.
  • Named Elites encountered in the higher levels (20-29) generally only drop Superior items.
  • Named Elites encountered at max level always drop High-End gear, with a chance of also dropping a Gear Set and/or an Exotic item.

In Challenging Difficulty and some regular missions, multiple Named Elites can appear at the end of many missions as a boss, and can be found roaming the streets of Manhattan with a small group of Elite enemies. When encountering roaming Named Elites, it is usually advised to eliminate the Elite enemies first, then directly engage the Named Elite when it's alone, as they take the longest to defeat.


Legendary enemies have a shield icon behind their archetype symbol and are exclusive to the missions with Legendary Difficulty available. Legendary enemies range from Normal, to Veteran, to Elite. Despite their health bar color, Enemies have a high health and deal high damage. Legendary rushers and tanks can mow down an entire squad of agents very easily.


Rushers are enemies equipped with melee weapons(Rioter Bruiser/Cleaner Shield) or shotguns(Riker Runner/LMB Scout). As their name implies, they rush towards the player, striking them with their melee weapons, causing the player to stagger, or hosing them down with their shotguns, dealing massive amounts of damage at close range. These enemies are highly recommended to be targeted and neutralized first when engaging in firefights.

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2 All enemy factions, except Raiders, have this unit with different attack techniques.


Leaders appear as Veterans and Elites in the LMB and Rikers. They appear in some missions and areas around Manhattan. The Leaders tougher and deals more damage than Assaults. They are able to buff nearby allies to deal extra damage to players and can throw special grenades: Riker Bosses throw Flashbang Grenades, while LMB Squad Leaders toss grenades with a flashbang explosion while also leaving fire behind.


This archetype is the most common enemy found around the map. Assaults will usually engage players from distances, and will attempt to flank them if in cover. Although they may be weak, they can deal high damage when in large groups.

Cleaner Sweepers will carry a oxygen tank on their backs, which if fired upon will explode and kill the user and damage those nearby.

Normal and Veteran Tier 2 LMB, as well as Legendary Riflemen can throw Flashbang Grenades. Elite Tier 2 LMB throw white phosphorous grenades similar to Squad Leaders.


These enemies can only be found in the LMB and Cleaners faction, and only spawn at Veteran and above. Controllers  place auto-turrets that attack the player so long as the Controller who deployed it is still alive. The Controller will usually stick near its deployed turret, as he will try to repair it if it becomes damaged, and an EMP can disable a controller's ability to place a turret for a short while.

Elite Cleaner Cotrollers can also deploy wheeled, explosive drones that move similar to the seeker mine and seek out a nearby agent, exploding into a large fireball on the target agent's location if it's not destroyed before it reaches it's target.

Named Controllers in High-Value Targets can also deploy Flamethrower Turrets, Sniper Turrets, and potentially multiple turrets at once.

In The Division 2 the factions that have this unit are the Hyenas, Outcasts and Black Tusk.

Heavy Weapons

Enemies that are the Heavy Weapons archetype wield Light Machine Guns and can dish out heavy damage to a player that's not in cover. They are easy to pick out of a group of enemies as they are heavily armored, making their attire very bulky and large. However, they are only among the Rioters and LMB factions.

When the player gets up close to the Heavy, they will usually stand in the open and try to spray the player down with bullets. If the player is further away, the Heavy will crouch or take cover, and lay down constant suppressive fire on the player.

The weak spot for all of the factions' Heavy Weapons is the ammo pack on their back. If a player deals enough damage to it, the ammunition inside will begin to fire themselves in multiple directions, dealing significant damage to the Heavy over time, along with having high chances of the bullets hitting nearby enemies. Igniting the bullets in the ammo pack also cause the Heavy to stop fighting and attempt to get it off of their back, giving players an opening to deal focus fire on the vulnerable target and finish him off.

In The Division 2 this units are part of the Outcasts and True Sons.



This enemy archetype is dedicated to a small, deployable auto-turret. It only appears in the Cleaners and LMB factions, as they are the only factions with Controllers. These turrets will continuously fire in bursts at the player when they are in its direct line of sight. An EMP can disable a turret temporarily, and if all Controllers are killed before the turret itself, the turret will fire on anyone, enemies and players alike, for a short time before self-destructing.

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2 the Hyenas and True Sons have this unit.


This enemy archetype has an "eye" icon. It is unknown if it is in the game or not.


The Sniper wields a sniper rifle that can deal heavy damage from long range. Players shouldn't have too much of a difficulty in avoiding the Snipers' shots, as there's a lens flare on their rifles' scope that shows prior to their shots. Snipers should take slightly higher priority in firefights when fighting against higher tier enemies, as they deal quite higher damage than the lower tiers.

Snipers are very easy to kill as they have very low health, along with lower armor if their a higher tier, but can become quite a nuisance when in numbers. Getting close the the sniper will force them to draw their sidearm in an effort to take down the threat, which deals much less damage than their sniper rifle.

LMB Snipers can deploy shock mines and claymores, unlike the other factions' snipers. Tier 2 LMB Snipers can also use their Dazzler laser device to cause a Blind-Deaf effect on the player, and carry an MP5 Submachine Gun in contrast to Pistols used as secondary weapons for other Snipers.

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Snipers from numerous faction in Washington D.C have their own types of abilities.

Hyena Snipers can blind anyone with a green light laser, or fire high-velocity rounds that do high damage.

Outcasts Snipers use a bow equipped with explosive arrows to deal heavy damage, and stagger the agent out of cover.

True Sons Veteran/Elite snipers use different types of bullets, like shock, bleeding, etc.

Black Tusk Snipers are equipped with Scout Drones, that can shock the player, making them incredibly vulnerable to being sniped and/or shredded by other units. Elite units also use traps that blind the player should they look at the lasers coming from them.

Raiders snipers are the most basics of all.


The only faction with the support type is the LMB. The Support archetype is used as a team medic, and will run over to other LMB to heal them. Higher level Medics deploy support stations that heal fellow LMB soldiers who've been injured. These should be higher on the players priority list to neutralize in a firefight. Support stations should be a priority target, as well, because they can regenerate enemy armor, thus further increasing the duration and difficulty of a firefight. Similar to the Controller's turrets, the Support's stations are destroyed upon their owner's death, if no others remain. In the Resistance game mode, the Support Station counts as an enemy.

In The Division 2 the four main enemy factions have this unit with different skills.

Hyenas and True Sons support can revive downed enemies with they defibrillators.

Outcasts support unit can place down ammo boxes for the enemies.

Black Tusk support can revive downed enemies with his defibrillator or they will deploy the medical drone they have equipped for their safety.


The Tank is similar to the Heavy Weapons archetype, as they're heavily armored and bulky, making them easy to spot in groups of enemies. The Tank deals heavy damage, but cannot take cover, making them easy targets. It is not advised to make a Tank a priority target in a firefight, as they're slow and easy to maneuver around, making them easiest to defeat when they're alone. Their weak spot is also the same as the Heavy Weapons archetype, the ammunition pack on their back. Only the Rikers and Cleaners have this units.

In The Division 2 the Outcasts,Hyenas,True Sons,Black Tusk and the Underground have this unit with different equipment.


Throwers throw grenades, hence the name. Throwers throw a variety of grenades based on their faction:

  • Standard Rioter Throwers, called a "Dare Devil", throw tear gas grenades, while Elite rioters can throw molotovs.
  • Riker Throwers, called a "Slinger", throw Frag grenades.
  • Standard Cleaner Throwers, called a "Fumigator", throw Incendiary grenades, while Elite Throwers can throw toxic gas grenades.
  • LMB Throwers, called a "Grenadier", use an MGL Grenade Launcher, capable of launching many grenades in a short amount of time and at longer distances than any other factions' Throwers; the MGL grenades also explode on impact, meaning players should move quickly if they're being targeted as they only have seconds before impact.

At higher levels, Throwers can be quite a nuisance as well as a threat, as they can flush the player out of much needed cover, as well as heavily damaged them, and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Throwers can also be used to the players advantage, as the player can disrupt a Thrower mid-grenade toss, causing the Thrower to drop the grenade nearby, possibly killing the Thrower and nearby enemies (along with the player if they're in the vicinity).

All Throwers have a weakspot, which is their grenade pouch. If the pouch is damaged enough, the grenades inside will detonate, instantly killing the Thrower and injuring anyone in the blast radius. Cleaner Fumigators leave fire where they die if their grenade pouch is detonated.



Special enemies are of two variants: Rioter Sprayers and LMB Agents. They will appear on most missions that are on Challenging difficulty. They are usually armored and can be especially dangerous when it is a named elite. Sprayers move and shoot erratically while also throwing Fragmentation Grenades while Rogue Agents can mimic players and deploy EMP Grenades. Some Named Sprayers use Molotov Cocktails instead, and Named Rogue Agents can hack turrets and deploy seeker mines, as displayed by Hornet in the Russian Consulate mission.



Hunter Elite

Hunters have their own icon, as they are their own separate (and quite unknown) faction. They only appear in Survival, occasionally in the Underground, and wave 15+ on Resistance. Though Hunters are elite, they don't have armor (excluding Resistance mode), and can use combat rolls and 3 medkits, similar to the player. They can also use a variety of skills, including, seeker mines, turrets, first aid, support stations, and sticky bomb launchers. Hunters can also hack turrets, like the Rogue First Wave Division Agents.


Drones are flying LMB units. They are found only in the incursion Falcon Lost and certain waves on Resistance. Drones come in three variants. One variant fires bullets, identified by its red targeting laser. Another drone variant fires shock darts, identified by the blue targeting laser. Drones found in the Courier Intercept alert have a green glow and lack a targeting laser.


The APC is an elite LMB unit in the incursion Falcon Lost. The APC does not take damage from small-arms weapons (Assault rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, etc.). It can only be destroyed by planted explosives.

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