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Equipment in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 can be divided into several categories. These categories consist of Weapons, Gear, Mods, Skills, and Apparel.


Agents have access to several types of weapons. These range from Shotgun, to fully automatic machine guns.


On this screen, the player have 1 major and 7 minor offensive atributes, 0 major and 2 minor deffensive attributes, 5 major and 4 minor skill attributes.

Gears allow the player to be more powerful with 3 main stats, Offensive, Defensive and Skills.

The 3 colors represent the number of each attribute type on your gear :

Color Type
Red Offensive
Blue Defensive
Yellow Skills


Gear types :

  • Mask
  • Backpack
  • Body protection
  • Gloves
  • Holster
  • Knee protection


Each gear has a brand, if the player equips multiple gear from the same brand (up to 3 items), he will receive a set bonus.


This gear brand is Apls Summit Armament. The player have 2 items of this brand equipped which allow him to have a brand bonus level of 2.

Mods are little things that you can place on your weapons to make the weapon easier and possibly more superior to use than before. You can find mods on weapons that you pick up from dead Hyenas or any other gang threat or just find them in loot boxes or weapon cases, ETC. You can take the mods off those weapons and use it for your own. You can also get mod blueprints through Main/Side Missions. you must go to the Base of Operations to craft the mods. Mods can range from Optic Rails (which ups your critical hit chance), Muzzles (which also ups your critical strike chance), Magazine Slots (also ups critical hit chance as well), and Under barrel Rails (Which increases stability). Keep in mind that some mods can only be used on certain weapons. So check the weapon mod info before crafting the mod.


A list of skills includes the Pulse tech, Turrets, Drones, Seeker Mines, Hives, Fireflies, and Shields. You‘ll need a skill point in order to unlock skills which you can obtain in Main Missions. Each skill has 4 different types that either kills, heals, protects, burns then kills, or brutally kills depending on the skill type. In order to unlock those skills, you’ll need at least 5 SHD tech which can be earned around the map by certain side missions and around the map. You can locate them on the map by finding safe houses in the area which not only gives you the locations of the SHD tech caches, but also the area’s liberations project information. SHD tech can also unlock perks.


Apparel changes your agent’s looks clothing-wise. You could find apparel around the map in suitcases or buy them the store. A backpack keychain hippo can be found in the 3rd milestone of the Theater Settlement.