Exotic Items (or Exotic(s) for short), previously known as Named Gear Items, are the rarest and most exclusive pieces of gear in Tom Clancy's The Division; Classified Gear Set pieces notwithstanding. They are the equivalent of "legendary" or "artifact" items in other games: items not only of incredible and unique power but of notable lore significance within the setting, as opposed to the more standard High-end or lower equipment. Named Gear Items of High-end quality, introduced in Update 1.5, were formalized into Exotic items in Update 1.6. Exotics are known not only for their power, but also for the unique, exclusive talents they have that sets them apart from every other item in the game. These are unconventional gear pieces that can potentially change the way one plays at a fundamental level.

These Exotic Items most commonly can be found as a drop from named enemies, including the bosses those items would have originally belonged to. They are a guaranteed drop from an Exotic Cache, which can be earned from missions performed at least at "Legendary" difficulty, and the Weekly Cache, which can be acquired a maximum of 3 times per week via weekly challenges in the standard game, the Underground, and Survival.

They also have a chance to be found in Field Proficiency Caches at World Tier 5, Survival Caches, Resistance Reward Caches, and in certain Global Event Caches. Certain Exotics can only be purchased from the Special Equipment Vendor in the Terminal using Phoenix Credits Phoenix credits.

Exotic Items in Tom Clancy's The Division
Gear Items
Ferro's Oxygen Mask  •  Barrett's Bulletproof Vest  •  NinjaBike Messenger Bag
Skulls MC Gloves  •  Shortbow Championship Pads  •  Colonel Bliss's Holster
Assault Rifles Warlord  •  Liberator  •  Caduceus  •  Bullfrog  •  Urban MDR
Light Machine Guns Hungry Hog  •  Pakhan  •  Big Alejandro
Marksman Rifles Historian  •  Tenebrae  •  The Devil's Heel (Devil/Heel)
Submachine Guns Midas  •  Valkyria (Hildr/Eir)  •  Thompson M1928 (Tommy Gun)  •  The House
Shotguns Defiler  •  Cassidy  • Medved  •  Showstopper
Sidearms Centurion  •  Damascus  •  Golden Rhino
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