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The FAL is a burst fire Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real Life Version

The FN FAL is a battle rifle of Belgian origin. It was developed around the 1950's by Fabrique Nationale and together with the German G3 became the standard issue rifle in most nations that were not under Soviet influence. As such it is one of the most produced and widely used firearms in the world. With the trend towards intermediate power assault rifles the use of the FAL has reduced rapidly.

The FAL is a gas operated weapon and uses a short stroke gas piston for cycling. Due to a gas bleed off the recoil is limited for a weapon chambered in the full power 7.62x51mm round. Most of the FAL is made out of metal. Early versions had a wooden furniture, later models had a plastic forearm and stock.

The FAL fires the 7.62x51mm round from a 20 round magazine. Most non-Commonwealth models have the ability for automatic fire at a cyclic rate of fire of 600 rpm. The significant recoil makes automatic fire of little use. The maximum effective range is 600 meters with optics and 400 meters with iron sights. The FAL can be used to launch rifle grenades and can be fitted with a bayonet.

  • The SA-58 is a variant of the FN FAL produced by DS Arms Company.
  • The Tactical SA-58 used in game is likely an SA-58 Para with a shortened barrel, tactical rail and RIS hand guard


  • Classic FAL
  • Military SA-58
  • Tactical SA-58


  • The FN FAL is actually incapable of a three-round burst fire mode, unlike the in-game counterpart which forces three-round burst fire.


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