Roy Benitez: I can't just throw you guys to the wolves out there.

Faye Lau: We are the wolves, sir.

Faye Lau is a Strategic Homeland Division agent activated after Black Friday as part of the Second Wave of agents tasked with saving what remains of New York City. She is currently WIA (Wounded In Action) after the explosion of the helicopter that killed the original Senior Second Wave commander, Louis Chang. Sidelined by her injuries, she assists the player in the Base of Operations. Faye is once more seen in a cutscene for The Division 2, killing an Incinerator boss type after the reactivation of the SHD network, implying she is still working to take N.Y.C. back seven months after the virus, as well as being indirectly mentioned in an audio recording found in Washington, D.C. detailing Roy Benitez's reaction at hearing two Division agents have been brought in.

Personal Notes

A second generation Chinese-American, Lau’s parents were killed in a car crash when she was a teenager, leaving her to raise her younger sister Heather. Owed, in part, to the loss of her parents, Lau has kept a distance from intimacy for much of her life, having regarded it as a potential disruption to her education and career. Now that the virus has hit, however, Lau has realized that she may be more attached to the people around her than she previously believed. A light in this is the attachment to her sister and worry that something bad may have happened to her when she goes missing from Camp Hudson.

Lau later joined Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) at City College, after which she excelled through the upper echelons of government intelligence and national security. After a field accident left her left leg and right eye severely injured, Lau now serves as a “handler”, responsible for the base’s maintenance and collecting and giving intel to the player.

Competitive, driven, and full of grit, there is no question in Lau’s status as a devoted patriot or her belief in the system. Though her peers typically regard her as a strong, serious woman, she has a caustic sense of humor, a knack for knitting, and a secret love of romantic movies.


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