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The Federal Triangle is a zone in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The Federal Triangle is surrounded by the Downtown East, Judiciary Square, East Mall, West Potomac Park, and White House zones. The safehouse for this area is The 1040.

Missions Edit

Main Missions Edit

Division agents are tasked with activating the ISAC node underneath the Jefferson Trade Center, and attempting to recover Division Agent Espinoza, who is being held hostage.

The ViewPoint Museum is being used by the True Sons for communications across D.C. Division agents must infiltrate the building and clear it of the True Sons' presence.

Side Missions Edit

A SHD tech cache was taken to the bureau laboratory for decontamination. Find and retrieve the SHD tech cache.

Destroy an important stockpile of True Sons munitions

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ECHOs Edit

SHD Tech Caches Edit

There are 5 SHD Tech Caches located in the Federal Triangle zone.

  • The first one is at (3787, 1659) and is near the Bureau Headquarters mission, behind a locked gate.
  • The second cache is found at (3685, 1677) near a hostage rescue and the Lies comm.
  • The third cache is at (3421, 1444) near the Jefferson Trade Center mission behind a locked gate.
  • Cache number four is located at (3973, 1337) behind a locked gate.
  • The final cache is found at (4362, 1264) in a parking lot off the side of the road.

Control Points Edit

Federal Triangle only has one control point in the zone. This control point is located near the eastern edge.

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