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We can stop this thing! We can save the world! We just have to burn this thing out!
- Joe Ferro

Ferro's Oxygen Mask is an Exotic mask gear piece added in Update 1.5. It can drop from the named enemy Joe Ferro, the final boss of the mission Napalm Production Site, as well as from Field Proficiency Caches and Survival Caches.

Talent and Suggested Usage

The mask, like all Exotic gear pieces, has its own exclusive talent that other masks cannot have.

Talent | Ferro's oxygen mask
User can run and shoot their weapon while burning.
Normally, if an agent is set on fire, they would suffer a damage-over-time (DoT) effect and be forced to pat themselves down to put out the flames; while putting out the fire, they cannot run or fire their weapon, stymieing both their ability to escape and fight back with weapons fire. With Ferro's Oxygen Mask, an agent can freely ignore these crowd control effects, allowing them to run and gun through any field of fire. They will still take the fire damage, but at least they can now fight back in the process.

The only times burning consistently comes up as a threat to an agent is when battling the Cleaners or fighting other agents who like to use the Dragonbreath (flamethrower) Turret, Airburst Seeker Mine or Incendiary Grenades - especially if they're using the FireCrest Gear Set. Still, burning is one of the more common status effects an agent can encounter, so the Cleaner boss's mask can still see some use. For what it's worth, it can make an agent's life much easier during the Dragon's Nest incursion. Ultimately, the mask - while handy - is a relatively niche piece of kit, at least compared to some of the other Exotic gear pieces.

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