Girl: Uncle Joe? Is that you?

Joe Ferro: Yeah sweetheart, it's me. How are you, kiddo?

Girl: I'm good.

Joe Ferro: Mommy and Daddy feeling okay?

Girl: Yeah.. but we've been sitting at home for days, Uncle Joe. It's boring.

Joe Ferro: I bet it is, kiddo. Hey, listen, I want to tell you something. You know how sometimes uncle Joe is on the radio?

Girl: Yeah?

Joe Ferro: Well, it might be that I'll be on the radio again soon. Or that people will talk about me there. And they might say things that aren't true.

Girl: Okay...

Joe Ferro: Whatever they may say, I want you to know.. I want you to remember that - that I only ever wanted you to be safe. Everything I'm doing, all the good and bad, is so you could be safe. Okay?

Girl: Okay.

Joe Ferro: That's my girl. Gotta go now. I love you.

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