Survival Guidebook 

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The Survival Guidebook intel are pages from the book "New York Collapse: An Urban Catastrophe Survival Guide" by Warren Merchant. This copy specifically belonged to April Kelleher which was given to her by her husband Bill Kelleher as more of a joke for her birthday.

Completion Reward: Meadow Jacket

Phone Recordings 

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Phone Recordings are phones that are found around Manhattan with messages left on the phone. They give insight to what was happening in people's lives a few weeks before and into the catastrophe.

Completion Reward: Shoreline Jacket

Incident Reports 

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There are 40 Incident Reports in the game. Ten for each enemy faction in the game. The reward for collecting all Incident Reports is a Highland Jacket.

Completion Reward: Highland Jacket

Crashed Drones 

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Crashed Drones have information on them that gives the agents intelligence on the current state of Manhattan.

Completion Reward: Frost Jacket

Missing Agents 

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Missing Agents is a type of intel that gives information on Division Agents that have not been heard from for a long time.

Completion Reward: Sierra Jacket


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The Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay system, or ECHO for short, reconstructs a 3D image with some information on the people there at the time. This gives agents clues as to what has been happening in New York recently.

Completion Reward: Rose Jacket

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