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Produced in limited quantity, the Final Measure program was intended to encourage field bravery and reduce grenade casualties. Ultimately deemed too expensive for mass production, a few prototypes still exist.
- Description

Final Measure

Final Measure is a Gear Set in Tom Clancy's The Division added in Update 1.2. It focuses on protections from high-ranking and specialist enemies, particularly against enemy ordnance such as grenades.

Set bonuses

  • (2) +25% Exotic Damage Resilience
  • (3) +15% Protection from Elites
  • (4) Talent: Final Measure: When in range of hostile grenades or mortars, defuses them and adds grenades to your inventory. Can only happen once every 8 seconds.
  • (5) Classified Set Bonus:

+15% Exotic Damage Resilience

+15% Protection from Elites

  • (6) Classified Set Bonus:

Talent: Improved Final Measure

When a grenade is defused the player and all group members within 30 meters gain a buff based on the grenade type that was defused.

  • EMP / Shock: Skill power increased by 40% for 8 seconds.
  • Fragmentation / Incendiary: Weapon damage increased by 40% for 8 seconds
  • Flashbang / Tear Gas: Armor increased by 40% for 8 seconds

This bonus is now a flat armor bonus instead of a multiplication of the existing armor value. This means that if your Armor Damage mitigation is at 30%, receiving the Final Measure buff will increase it to 70%. Note that Armor Damage mitigation is hard capped at 70%, even when you initially have 32% armor your armor after the buff will be 70%.

Set Items


Classified Appearance

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