The Firefighter Set consists of firefighter themed cosmetic clothes (for hats, jackets, pants, and boots slots), a level 4 Firefighter backpack with increased burn resilience and the level 4 Fireman's Super 90 shotgun. Originally this set was only available in the North American region, however, it has since been made available available to individuals who either purchase a season pass individually or receive a season pass as part of a box set. This set, along with the Hunter, Paramedic, and Police sets, was inspired by the Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins live action web episodes.

Suit Edit

The outfit consists of dark blue colored firefighter styled trousers and jacket combination with high visibility stripes, and a black base ball cap, and black boots. The firefighter symbol features prominently on the hat.

Backpack Edit

The Firefighter backpack is a level 4, 36 slot backpack with +21 to Firearms, and a +50% Burn Resistance minor attribute.

Weapon Edit

The Fireman's Super 90, is a level 4, Standard Rarity, Super 90 shotgun comes with an irremovable custom skin.

Gallery Edit