The Firefly is a SHD Tech skill in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. A "paper-plane" like device, Fireflies track down their targets from the air.


The Firefly drone is a small flying drone, similar drones but function as payload-delivery systems rather than a proxy under the control of an agent.

Unlike other skills, Fireflies do not automatically home in on targets: the agent must designate a target via HUD reticle, before deploying. If no targets are chosen before being thrown, the drone will destroy itself. Once the desired targets are locked: the drone will briefly accelerate in a straight path, then track it's painted targets in the order they were set then deploys its payload to each one before self-destructing.

However, Fireflies have rudimentary tracking systems and are unable to actively steer themselves to avoid crashing into walls or other high obstacles while in-flight, although this can be mostly alleviated by throwing the drone vertically upward so that it has a higher chance of avoiding obstacles. Additionally, a short but clear path must be available for the Firefly upon deployment as any physical obstacle it encounters while accelerating will destroy it (luckily, this does not include other human or mechanical enemies).

Attentive enemies can also shoot them down while they are tracking their targets (although the AI is less inclined to shoot them directly), or dodge at the right time to avoid getting hit by them.


Fireflies have three variants: the Blinder, Burster and Demolisher. Both the Blinder and Demolisher disable their targets in some way, while the Burster deals damage to a group of enemies.


Blinder Fireflies deliver a payload that temporarily blinds targets, similar to a flashbang grenade. While this deals no damage, blinded enemies can be vulnerable to other attacks as they often stagger around out of cover. Blinders can also target up to four enemies without mods, as opposed to the maximum of three for the other variants.


Burster Fireflies attach small explosive charges to each of their targets. If two of these targets approach each other, the charges will detonate, which also sets off the charges on any other target of the Burster.


Demolisher Fireflies target enemy weakpoints, often destroying them outright. This effect can be very powerful, as certain enemies will be unable to use their abilities if their weakpoints are destroyed. They can also target enemy skill proxies like turrets and detonate environmental explosives. Demolishers cannot target enemies that have no weakpoints (such as the Assault archetypes).


Fireflies have three mod slots: Targeting, Payload and Propulsion.

  • Targeting mods improve cooldown times or speed.
  • Payload mods improve efficiency or the firefly's maximum number of targets.
  • Propulsion mods improve speed.
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