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The G36 is an Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division. It was added in Update 1.3: Underground.


The G36 has a pretty high rate of fire, matching the P416, but behind the M4 and Bullfrog. It has a moderate damage range, and has a fast reload at 2 seconds. The weapon also has a longer range than other Assault Rifles, at 32 meters. It is effective at most ranges, but climbs fairly quickly due to its high rate of fire.


  • G36C
  • Military G36
  • G36 Enhanced

Weapon Talents

The first two weapon talents rolls at random, while the third "free" talent rolls with Focused.

  • Focus: When no skills are on cooldown, your weapon damage is increased by 10%

Real World Weapon

The G36 was designed by German weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch and built as a replacement for the aging G3 battle rifle. It is the current standard issue rifle within the German armed forces but is due to be replaced suffering from issues with overheating and subsequent loss of accuracy after only just 60 rounds fired. It is still in use with many police and armed forces worldwide.



  • The Military G36 uses the sight rail as opposed to the optic sight.
    • This was probably used to allow players install mods in the Optic category.
  • The G36 Enhanced is based off a G36K with various official aftermarket accessories.
    • This includes an adjustable stock, M4 magazine well, slimline handguard, and foldable sight rail.
  • Certain interaction animations (e.g. between-zone floodgates in Underground) may show a bullet floating above and in front of the weapon's barrel whilst the gun is held by its foregrip.

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