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Gear Set Bonuses

Gear Set Icon Set Bonus (2) Set Bonus (3) Set Bonus (4)
Ongoing Directive
Ongoing Directive Gear Set
+25% Bleed damage Emergency Requisitions The Right Tool...
Hard Wired
Hard Wired Gear Set
+20% Skill Power Tamper Proof Feedback Loop
True Patriot
True Patriot Gear Set
+10% Total armor Red, White and Blue Full flag
Aces and Eights 10% Marksman Rifle Damage Dead Man’s Hand Sheriff’s Favour
Tip of the Spear 20% Protection from Elites Electromagnetic Trigger Aggressive Recon
Negotiator’s Dilemma 30% Explosive Resistance Blowback Press Home the Advantage

Gear Set Talents

Ongoing Directive

3 pieces: Emergency Requisitions: Combat Resources (ammo, armor kits, grenades) within 40 meters of the agent are picked up automatically. Occurs every 30 seconds.

4 pieces: The Right Tool...: Killing an enemy grants some special ammo (Incendiary, Explosive, Shock) to one of your weapons.

Hard Wired

3 pieces: Tamper Proof: Electrify your deployed skills (hive, turrets, pulse sensor) causing enemies wandering too close to become shocked (disrupted in PvP). Can occur every 10 seconds.

4 pieces: Feedback Loop: Killing with a skill resets the cooldown of your other skill. Repairing a friendly agent's armor from zero resets the cooldown of your skills. Can only occur every 15 seconds.

When a skill cooldown ends (or reaches full charges) gain bonus damage and repair to all skills for 15 seconds.

True Patriot

3 pieces: Red, White and Blue: When you shoot an enemy, apply a debuff to them. Debuffs are applied in the order Red/White/Blue, cycling every 2 seconds.

Red: Decreases damage dealt by the enemy.

White: Restores armor to friendlies who shoot this enemy.

Blue: boosts skill cooldowns bonuses to friendlies that shoot this enemy.

4 pieces: Full Flag: Anyone dealing damage to an enemy that has all three debuffs will deal 50% damage to other nearby enemies that have at least one of the debuffs.

Aces and Eights

3 pieces: Dead Man’s Hand Flip a card by shooting an enemy with your marksman rifle, headshots flip two. Full House refills your weapon and stops ammo depletion for 10 seconds. Four of a Kind grants 30% bonus armour for 10 seconds. Aces & Eights grants the next 5 bullets 100% damage.

4 pieces: Sheriff’s Favour The effects of Dead Man’s Hand are applied to your Group.

Tip of the Spear

3 pieces: Electromagnetic Trigger Crossbow bolts are equipped with proximity detonators. On impact, bolts trigger a 9m pulse, applying the pulsed status effect to enemies within.

4 pieces: Aggressive Recon When killing an enemy, trigger a small pulse from their location. members in your Group deal 20% extra damage to targets under the Pulsed status effect.

Negotiator’s Dilemma

3 pieces: Blowback Launch a grenade at the target that depleted your armour, this can occur once every 3 seconds.

4 pieces: Press Home the Advantage Explosions caused by the player stacks a bombardier buff. Each stack grants Group members +10% explosive damage and the player with +10% bonus armour for 10 seconds.


The Blueprints for the Aces and Eights, Negotiator’s Dilemma and Tip of the Spear sets are exclusive to the “Dark Hours” Raid. While the actual armor itself can drop anywhere, more frequently in areas where Set armor gear is indicated through the Loot Acquisition Map.



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