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In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Gear Sets make a return, with the first sets to be introduced being Ongoing Directive, Hard Wired, True Patriot in the Invasion: Battle for D.C. update. Currently, there are 8 Gear Sets, with Striker's Battlegear featured to be the first set to return from the first game.

In Title Update 8, all Gear Sets received a complete overhaul and rework, and now gives stat bonus on 2-piece and 3-piece set bonus, and its respective talent at 4-piece. Additional talents to enhance the overall effectiveness are found on the set's Body Armor and Backpack.

Gear Set Bonuses

Gear Set Icon Set Bonus (2) Set Bonus (3) Set Bonus (4) Body Armor Talent Backpack Talent
Ongoing Directive
+15.0% Status Effect +20.0% Reload Speed Rules of Engagement Parabellum Rounds Trauma Specialist
Hard Wired
+15.0% Skill Haste +15.0% Skill Damage

+15.0% Repair-skills

Feedback Loop Positive Reinforcement Short Circuit
True Patriot
+30.0% Ammo Capacity +30.0% Magazine Size Red, White and Blue Waving the Flag Patriotic Boost
Aces and Eights
+15.0% Marksman Rifle Damage +20.0% Headshot Damage Dead Man's Hand Poker Face Ace in the Sleeve
Tip of the Spear
+10.0% Signature Weapon Damage +10.0% Weapon Damage Aggressive Recon Crossbow Expert Specialized Destruction
Negotiator's Dilemma
+15.0% Critical Hit Chance 20.0% Critical Hit Damage Hostile Negotiations Critical Measures Target Rich Environment
Striker's Battlegear
+15.0% Weapon Handling +15.0% Rate of Fire Striker's Gamble Press the Advantage Risk Management
System Corruption
+15.0% Armor on Kill +40.0% Disrupt Resistance

+40% Pulse Resistance

Hackstep Protocol Compiler Optimization Multithreaded Execution
Future Initiative +30.% Repair Skills +15.0% Skill Haste

+30.0% Skill Duration

Ground Control Tactical Superiority Strategic Combat Support
Foundry Bulwark +10% Total Armor +1% Armor Regen

+50% Shield Health

Makeshift Repairs Process Refinery Improved Materials
Eclipse Protocol +15% Status Effects +15% Skill Haste

+30% Hazard Protection

Indirect Transmission Proliferation Symptom Aggravator
Hunter's Fury +15% SMG Damage

+15% Shotgun Damage

+20% Armor On Kill

+100% Health On Kill

Alpha Predator Endless Hunger Overwhelming Force
Rigger +15% Skill Haste +15% Skill Duration Tend and Befriend Best Buds Complete Uptime

Gear Set Talents

Ongoing Directive

Rules of Engagement:

  • Killing a status affected enemy drops Hollow-Point Ammo.
  • Hollow-Point Ammo amplifies weapon damage by 20% and applies bleed on hit.

Parabellum Rounds: Increases Hollow-Point ammo damage to 35.0%.

Trauma Specialist: Increases the duration of your bleed status effects by 50% and all bleed damage done by 100%.

Hard Wired

Feedback Loop: Whenever you use or cancel a skill, your other skill is automatically refreshed and increases total skill damage and repair by 10% for 20s. This can occur at most once per 20s.

Positive Reinforcement: Increases Feedback Loop skill damage and skill repair from 10.0% to 25.0%.

Short Circuit: Decreases Feedback Loop cooldown from 20s to 10s.

True Patriot

Red, White and Blue:

  • Every 2s, enemies you shoot receive a stacking debuff of Red, White and Blue.
  • Red: Amplifies the enemy's damage taken by 8%.
  • White: Shooting the enemy repairs you and your allies' armor by 2% once every second.
  • Blue: Decreases the enemy's damage dealt by 8%.
  • Full Flag: Enemies that die while under the effect of all 3 debuffs create a 5m explosion, dealing damage equal to their total health and armor. (Explosion damage reduced on Named enemy deaths.)

Waving the Flag: Increases Red, White and Blue rotation speed to 1.5s.

Patriotic Boost: Increases Red, White and Blue debuff strength.

  • Red: 8% to 12%
  • White: 2% to 3%
  • Red: 8% to 12%

Aces and Eights

Dead Man's Hand:

  • Flip a card when landing shots with a Marksman Rifle.
  • After 5 cards are flipped, the damage of your next shot is amplified by 30%. More shots are enhanced the better the hand revealed.
  • Four of a Kind: 4 shots
  • Full House: 3 shots
  • Aces and Eights: 2 shots

No Limit: Increases Dead Man's Hand damage bonus from 30% to 50%.

Poker Face: Flip an additional Dead Man's Hand card on 1 shot.

Tip of the Spear

Aggressive Recon:

  • Specialization weapon kills increase total weapon damage by 20% for 60s.
  • Automatically generate specialization ammo every 60s.

Specialized Destruction: Increases Aggressive Recon weapon damage bonus from 20% to 40%.

Crossbow Expert: Aggressive Recon generates an additional crossbow bolt every 60s.

Negotiator’s Dilemma

Hostile Negotiations:

  • Critical hits mark enemies for 20s, up to 3 marks total.
  • When you critically hit a marked enemy, all other marked enemies take 60% of the damage dealt.
  • Whenever a marked enemy dies, gain +2% critical hit damage, stacking up to 20 times, or until combat ends.

Target Rich Environment: Increases Hostile Negotiations mark count from 3 to 5.

Critical Measures: Increases Hostile Negotiations damage to additional marked enemies from 60% to 100%.

Striker's Battlegear

Striker's Gamble:

  • Weapon hits amplify total weapon damage by 0.5%, stacking up to 50 times.
  • 1 stack is lost each second.
  • 3 stacks are lost every time you miss.

Press the Advantage: Increases the max stacks for Striker's Gamble from 50 to 100.

Risk Management: Decreases stacks lost on missed shots for Striker's Gamble from 3 to 2.

System Corruption

Hackstep Protocol: Replaces armor kits with an instant, infinite-use ability on a 20s cooldown, that grants 50% bonus armor and hides your nameplate for 5s.

Compiler Optimization: Decreases Hackstep Protocol cooldown from 20s to 15s.

Multithreaded Execution: Increases Hackstep Protocol bonus armor from 50% to 100%.

Future Initiative

  • Ground Control: Increases you and your allies' total weapon and skil damage by 15% when at full armor. When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5m of you are also repaired for 60% of that amount.
  • Tactical Superiority (Chest): Increases ground control bonus damage from 15% to 25%.
  • Strategic Combat Support (Backpack): Increases ground control proximity repair from 60% to 120%.
  • Chest and Backpack for this gearset are only available in the Iron Horse Raid.

Foundry Bulwark

  • Makeshift Repairs: Whenever you or your shield take damage, 20% of that amount is repaired to both over 15s.
  • Process Refinery (Chest): Increases makeshift reapirs from 20% to 30% over 15s.
  • Improved Materials (Backpack): Increases makeshift repairs speed from 15s to 10s.
  • Chest and Backpack for this gearset are only available in the Iron Horse Raid.

Eclipse Protocol

  • Indirect Transmission: Your status effects now spread on kill to all enemies within 10m and refresh 50% of the duration.
  • Proliferation (Chest): Increases indirect transmission range from 10m to 15m and refresh percentage from 50% to 75%.
  • Symptom Aggravator (Backpack): Amplifies all damage you deal to status affected targets by 30%.

Hunter's Fury

  • Apex Predator: Enemies within 15m receive a debuff, amplifying your weapon damage against them by 20%. Killing a debuffed enemy with your weapon disorients other enemies within 5m, and amplifies weapon damage by 5% for 10s, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Endless Hunger (Chest): Increases the duration of Apex Predactor stacks from 10s to 30s.
  • Overwhelming Force (Backpack): Increases teh radius of disorient on Apex Predator kills from 5m to 10m.


  • Tend and Befriend: Interacting with your deployed skills grants the skill 25% skill damage for 10s. This buff cannot be refreshed. Interactions include: Using or deploying the skill, changing the skills target, and healing the skill.
  • Best Buds (Chest): Increase the damage buff from 25% to 50%. Requires Tend and Befriend.
  • Complete Uptime (Backpack): Cancelling your skills will reset their cooldown. Requires Tend and Befriend.