Gina Esteban is a missing first wave Strategic Homeland Division agent.

Place of Birth: Ponce, PR

Place of Residence: East Harlem, NY

Blood Type: AB-

Religion: Catholic

Psychological Profile

- Has been a priest, an activist, a social worker and a nurse. Spent 5 years in El Salvador and Nicaragua, working with the poor.

- After a stint with Doctors without Borders, opened in a clinic in East Harlem & has devoted herself to helping the young, the sick & the elderly.

- Is deeply religious and a proponent of non-violence, but does believe that self-defense is sometimes warranted & refused to be bullied. Is also a crack shot with a pistol, has earned the respect of the local street gangs. Gangs now provide informal security for the clinic; allegations she was providing them with drugs were investigated and dismissed.

- Leads through personal magnetism. Devotion to peace and her patients could be seen as a weakness, but is fiercely protective of those under her watch. Should not be a concern if activated.