The Green Poison (also known as the Dollar Flu) is a genetically engineered amalgamation of various viral diseases (particularly most of it being the smallpox virus), with no functional vaccine or cure (known as Smallpox Variola Chimera). It is revealed that this genetically augmented variant of the smallpox virus was in fact manufactured by Dr. Gordon Amherst, a delusional and genocidal environmentalist.

Description of the Green Poison Virus

Created by Dr. Gordon Amherst as a means of population control, Green Poison is a weaponized super virus. Compared to the original smallpox, not only does it incubate faster, it is also infectious during the incubation period, meaning it spreads and takes effect much more quickly. The virus contains traces from six separate pathogens: Dengue, Ebola, H1N1, Hantavirus, Marburg and Swineflu. (Note: Swine Flu is a strain of H1N1). Due to the rapid mutation of the virus, it is highly difficult for conventional drugs or antibody to identify and exterminate the virus as well as creating a proper vaccine to the disease. There are some people who are naturally immune to catching this virus, but they are largely in the minority.

When people die of this virus, it is known as "cashing out" due to it being spread by money.

The virus is also referred to as Dollar Pox, Money Pox, Wages of Sin, Buck Flu, Dollar Bug, Cash Pox, Small Bill and The Legal Tender.


Engineering the Virus

Believing in his volatile darwinistic delusions about radially reducing the human population, Dr. Gordon Amherst engineered a super virus using a homemade 3-D protein printer. The Green Poison is an amalgamation of various lethal diseases. Not only are they mixed up together, Dr. Gordon Amherst even genetically modified their incubation and infection rate, accelerating its rate of infection. Owning up to his delusions, Dr. Gordon Amherst even accepted that if the virus decides to kill him, he will gladly let himself die and "see everyone in Hell".

The Outbreak of the Virus

Dr. Gordon Amherst distributed the virus tot he human population via infected dollar bills during the Black Friday shopping insanity. Before people realized that it was a lethal disease, people took the epidemic for a particularly potent version of the annual flu season. When the threat of the pandemic became realized, CERA, the newly minted Joint Task Force, and the First Wave of activated Strategic Homeland Division agents, intervened and attempted to stabilize the crisis. Unfortunately efforts from all three organizations proved to be inadequate. The quarantine zone in Central Manhattan, where the virus and the brunt of the ensuing anarchy originated, proved too much to handle, becoming the Dark Zone, and the worst of the virus is currently contained there.

The Birth of Various Factions

To make matters worse, the medical facilities had collapsed, leading to crime rates amongst the civilian populations rising at high speeds. Not only that, but the inmates within Rikers Island were released on behalf of their leader Larae Barrett, further threatening the city as the inmates unleashed utter chaos on the streets of Manhattan and even began terrorizing the people of the city. These actions were what led to Aaron Keener becoming rogue, as he believed that the federal government did not handle the situation well and left large groups of innocent men, women and children to be brutally massacred at the hands of the degenerates, who started calling themselves the Rikers. With no one realizing that Aaron Keener actually survived, he went radio silent along with his left over first wave division agents.

Meanwhile the Last Man Battalion established a authoritarian regime in the areas they were stationed at, with Lt. Bliss believing that only a fascist rule can save New York City and its people from absolute anarchy. Sensing an opportunity, Aaron Keener and his rogue agents established an official truce with the LMB, providing them with schematics on SHD technology for them to manufacture and even highly classified intel, in exchange for high ranking positions within the LMB.

Meanwhile Joe Ferro stayed back with his large group of city maintenance workers who dedicated themselves to do their jobs which is to clean up this city, while most of the civilians were evacuated. Joe Ferro and his group called the Cleaners became a cult-like fundamentalist group who radically dedicated their lives to destroying the Green Poison from the face of the earth by burning it out with incendiary weapons along with anyone infected with the virus.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division

Dr. Kandel is a Virologist and is currently developing a vaccine. With the help of the Second Wave of Division agents, she manages to write various reports on the Green Poison. After receiving viable samples of the original pathogen, she was able to conclude that it was indeed a manufactured weaponized disease.

Meanwhile Vitaly Tchernenko, a Russian virologist trapped inside the Russian Consulate in NYC, decided to use the available resources to conduct extensive research on the Green Poison and all of its properties as well as methods on how to combat the virus. This research was eventually recovered by the Second-Wave Division Agents, even if Vitaly himself was kidnapped by Aaron Keener.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2

By now, most of the virus had either burned itself out or had been vaccinated against. However, in an attempt to eradicate the virus, the federal government launched a chemical weapon called DC-62 to burn out the virus. However, it turns out DC-62 not only burned out the virus, but is also extremely toxic to the point where even standing near to it in the closest proximity would cause lethal burns and even spontaneous death bu treating in the toxic fumes. DC-62 became the new reason why Washington D.C. has Dark Zones. Meanwhile when the pandemic broke out in Washington D.C., the people who were infected by the Green Poison were quarantined on Roosevelt Island with Colonel Ridgeway, a colonel within the JTF being entrusted with the administrative responsibilities of making sure the entire quarantine ran smoothly and the infected people had medical attention. Seeing that the virus will eventually kill the infected despite all the medical care in the world and that the federal government cannot resolve the situation, Colonel Ridgeway decided to take matters into his own hands.

As a strong believer in the need for authority and discipline, Colonel Ridgeway, in frustration and fear for the city's future, deployed armed guards around the quarantine with the order to not let anyone out and even open fire on the infected who try to escape. He even started to redirect resources coming into the quarantine, letting people starve to death and withholding medicine in an strategic attempt to accelerate the mortality rates of the infected on Roosevelt Island.

Ridgeway's actions were tainted by his willingness to do whatever it took for the well-being of his soldiers, the healthy citizens of D.C. and his absolute disregard of the lives of the infected, whom he viewed as dying no matter what. Due to the chaotic state of the city, he was able to abuse his authority for a long time before the commander of the JTF found out and he was imprisoned. However, it did not take long until loyal members of his unit freed him. By now, having recruited most of Washington D.C.'s mercenaries, JTF personnel, some civilians and even some rouge agents into his cause, the True Sons were formed with a goal to kill all of the infected and re-establish order and peace within D.C., even if it meant through radical authoritarian methods.

Meanwhile Emeline Shaw, a woman who is somehow an asymptomatic carrier of the Green Poison, desired vengeance for the horrible treatment she and her family received during the Roosevelt Island quarantine. She riled up the remaining quarantined people to persuaded them to use the remaining Green Poison within her blood to spread the Green Poison to the uninfected as a means of attaining vengeance for the treatment they received during the quarantine of Roosevelt Island. Due to this, the Outcasts were formed who religiously devote themselves to Emeline Shaw and her cause.