A jewelry store inside the Broadway Emporium, before the outbreak. Likely ground zero for the virus outbreak, as infected bills are being exchanged.

ECHO Details

Melvin Fernandez
  • Current Status: Deceased
  • Occupation: Construction Foreman
  • Details: Employer - Bleeker & Duane Construction

Franklin Thomas
  • Current Status: Deceased
  • Occupation: Doctor
  • Details: Body interred in Central Park Mass Grave Site

Garrett Haynes
  • Current Status: Missing
  • Occupation: Banker
  • Details: Under federal indictment for securities fraud

Emilia Clark
  • Current Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Retail Clerk
  • Details: Last seen at Hudson Piers

Gordon Amherst

  • Current Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Virologist
  • Details: Suspect in the viral outbreak

Rodney Smith
  • Current Status: Deceased
  • Occupation: Telemarketer
  • Cause of Death: Head trauma - Suspected homicide


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