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Heather Ward is an expert mediator, and when a close friend was killed in a hostage situation gone wrong, she decided to give up her entertainment-lawyer dreams and instead join the FBI Critical Incident Response Group.

Along the way she picked up a PhD in psychology from Georgetown, where she caught the attention of the Strategic Homeland Division with her thesis on the "Catastrophic Mindset". She was recruited soon after.

Heather is a die-hard optimist and an excellent reader of individuals' motivations. She's always sensitive to the overall well-being of a group, and she's also pretty handy with a grenade launcher.

After the Outbreak

Heather Ward stations at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while in there, she led the civilians against a local group named the Founders. She came into contact with Agent Dunne and aid his attempt to eliminate the killer who killed Dunne's agent partner, Mantis.


Being a Demolitionist Specialist armed with her LVOA-C, frag grenades and the Milkor M32A1 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher, her grenade launcher has 6 fully loaded 5 meter blast radius 40mm grenades with a 98 RPM.


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