Heather Ward is an expert mediator, and when a close friend was killed in a hostage situation gone wrong, she decided to give up her entertainment-lawyer dreams and instead joined the FBI Critical Incident Response Group.

Along the way she picked up a PhD in psychology from Georgetown, where she caught the attention of the Strategic Homeland Division with her thesis on the "Catastrophic Mindset". She was recruited soon after.

Heather is a die-hard optimist and an excellent reader of individuals' motivations. She's always sensitive to the overall well-being of a group, and she's also pretty handy with a grenade launcher.

After the Outbreak

Heather Ward stations at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while in there, she led the civilians against a local group named the Founders. She came into contact with Agent Dunne and aid his attempt to eliminate the killer who killed Dunne's agent partner, Mantis. Plus also meeting Agent Johnson.


Being a Demolition Specialist armed with her LVOA-C, frag grenades and the Milkor M32A1 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher, her grenade launcher has 6 fully loaded 5 meter blast radius 40mm grenades with a 98 RPM.


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