Henry Hayes is a character in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. He leads the Campus Settlement and will give the player missions to complete.

Henry Hayes was born into a family of laborers and has been working blue-collar jobs since he was a young man. He is a staunch Christian who reads the Bible daily. Although he sometimes feels anger and resentment towards God when bad things happen, he never questions his faith.

Hayes always keeps his composure under stressful and frustrating situations. He has a strong sense of responsibility and will avoid conflict unless it's absolutely necessary.

Henry Hayes is the dour, hardworking elected leader of the Campus Settlement. While he excels at keeping the camp functioning and safe, he's far less effective at keeping his settlers happy and content. Hayes creates an atmosphere of stoic sacrifice in which personal leisure or fulfillment is viewed with suspicion or even hostility. The result is that the fierce, liberating nihilism of the Outcasts faction is becoming more attractive to some of his Campus residents.


Before the outbreak, Henry had a wife and son. His wife was a nurse and was stationed at the Roosevelt Island Quarantine. She never returned and died there. His son met a similar fate, dying at the hands of Green Poison. After the collapse of society, Henry ended up as the leader of the Campus Settlement, and was harassed by the Outcasts, one of which called with a message for him of a Campus civilian captured as a hostage.


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