The Hive is a SHD Tech skill in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. One of the new devices available to agents, the Hive uses micro-drone technology for a variety of purposes.


Hives are pod-shaped devices containing special micro-drones that affect those who come within range of the hive. Hives are deployed much like turrets, in that agents throw them to a location; once on the ground, their micro-drones will target any valid unit inside their radius (this can be an ally or enemy, depending on the Hive variant used).

Hives have a limited amount of charges and will self-destruct once all of these are used up. Being a skill proxy, they will also be targeted and kicked apart by Tank archetypes who approach them.

As of Title Update 6, the Hive's recharge will function similarly to the Chemical launcher, using a charge-up mechanic, they can also be picked up and moved among the field.


Hives have five variants: the Stinger, Restorer, Booster, Reviver, and Artificer. Most of these are defensive in nature, with the exception of the Stinger, which targets enemies.


Stinger Hives emit micro-drones that swarm hostile targets who enter their range, inflicting damage and targeting weak spots, destroying them efficiently. Stinger micro-drones also cause some enemies to bleed and flail about while they are under attack from the hive, preventing them from attacking or taking other actions. The micro-drones on the Stinger variant glow the iconic Division orange.


When the Restorer Hive detects missing armor on a friendly agent in its range, it deploys micro-repair drones towards the agent. On impact, an amount of armor is repaired. The micro-drones on the Restorer variant glow a bright green.


The Booster Hive enhances agents by sending out micro-drones that administer stimulants to increase their combat efficiency — boosting weapon handling, movement and other physical capabilities of the agent by roughly 20%. Booster stimulants last for 20 seconds. The micro-drones on the Booster variant glow a slightly dim yellow.


When deployed, the Reviver Hive can revive allies within a specific radius on the ground. Unlike the other variants, Reviver Hives are not autonomous and must have their micro-drones manually activated by the agent; an agent can also charge up the micro-drones to increase the health and armor an ally revives with. Reviver Hives will also deploy automatically and revive an agent carrying one if they are downed, so long as the hive is not cooling down. The micro-drones on the Reviver variant glow a very light shade of blue. However, Reviver does not work during Conflict Mode.


Exclusive to the new "Technician" specialization, the Artificer Hive shoots out fast-acting micro-drones to deployed skills (including other Hives), repairing them, temporarily boosting their performance/damage, and extending their duration. The micro-drones on the exclusive Artificer variant glow the Dark Zone purple. 


Hives have three mod slots: System, Launcher and Drones.

  • System mods improve cooldown times or charges.
  • Launcher mods improve cooldown times, damage or the hive's health.
  • Drones mods improve effect durations, damage or the hive's duration.




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