Hudson Refugee Camp is the second Medical Medical main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Its minimum recommended level is 7 and can be activated at the Hudson Refugee Camp at the Hudson Yards.


The Hudson Refugee Camp is filled with many refugees including the infected ones. The Camp is attacked by Martinez, and his squad of Cleaners which consists of veteran mechanics trained by Martinez who possibly that he is ex- sanitation worker doing mechanic work threaten to destroy the camp with a large napalm tank by dropping it on the rail yard. Dr. Kandel is interested in the refugees as they could prove to be valuable samples. The agent is tasked to neutralize the Cleaners so that the medical staff can get blood samples from the refugees to advance the progress in the research.


Infected civilians have sought shelter in a camp at the Hudson Rail Yards. Secure the civilians to ensure Dr. Kandel and her staff can retrieve critical blood samples.


Upon entering the mission area, there is an Echo available for the agent to scan. Past the Echo, the player will encounter several groups of Cleaners, which should not pose too much of a problem if the player has the proper gear. It should be noted that the platform on the left of the echo can be used for a good vantage point, along with using the explosive red barrels to the player's advantage if the Cleaners are close to them; this will set them on fire and leave them vulnerable to attack. Waves will consist of Sweepers, Fumigators, and Shields in the later waves.

The next objective mostly involves navigating the train yard and a few skirmishes with small groups of Cleaners. Players should be aware of the array of napalm mines in the majority of the train yard that, if the player gets too close, will explode, covering the affected area in flames for a short duration. However, they are easy to identify in proximity by their beeping sound and the red flashing light on them. Shooting them with the Sidearm is recommended, and then wait for the fire to extinguish before moving on. If players are having difficulty finding them, the Pulse skill will mark them and allow one to go past them unsinged.

After finding the refugees, players will encounter 2 waves of Cleaners past the main camp, and must neutralize both waves in order to proceed. Most of these enemies are Sweepers, but a few Mechanics are in the mix. It should be noted to be aware of the Mechanics' turrets, as they can deal heavy damage with sustained fire on Agents on higher difficulties. Here, a Sticky Bomb may prove useful; shoot it onto the turret and then detonate it, destroying the turret and injuring the Mechanic in the process. Once past these two groups, players must climb scaffolding and fight off another group of Sweepers and Fumigators, which will then trigger a wave of a few Shields to rush in.

In the next open area, containing storage crates, there will be a couple more waves of Sweepers and Mechanics. Neutralizing them will lead to the area of the boss fight with the Cleaner foreman, Martinez.

The area in which the player fights Martinez is particularly open and low on cover, with Cleaners running in from both the right and left, along with rushers spawning in where the players just came from. Martinez is a Mechanic, and for most of the fight he will stay in the back on top of a container and constantly set up turrets and repair them to lay covering fire as Sweepers, Fumigators, and Shields move on from both sides (along with a Tank if the player is playing on a higher difficulty). There are two viable options here. The player can stand in the back and not drop down at all (Note that one cannot jump back up to this area if they have already jumped down), or immediately run over to the right, where a small scaffolding is. This area has the height advantage over the foreman and allows for clearer shots on, while giving a relatively clear field of view on the Cleaners running in from the right side. Players should be careful of the Fumigators and their Incendiary Grenades; while they may not always land up on the right side, it can flush one out of a comfortable position.

Neutralizing Martinez and the rest of his crew will open the way to the stairs to the crane controlling the Napalm B tank over the Hudson Refugee Camp. The player is tasked to climb up and redirect the crane to drop the tank on a large pile of trash to complete the mission.

Note: Players are advised not to rappel down the ropes behind the crane controls before getting the notification that the mission is completed. It is possible that they may not receive rewards and a confirmation of completion if they leave the area too quickly. Thus, it is better to not leave the control room and watch the Napalm B tank be dropped down on a load of garbage.


  • Investigate Hudson Yards.
  • Neutralize hostile Cleaners.
  • Find the chemical source.
  • Reach the crane controls.
  • Find the Cleaner foreman.
  • Neutralize Martinez and secure the area.
  • Get to the crane controls.
  • Abort the crane sequence.


The mission can be repeated, however you only receive the wing supplies and EXP on the first completion of the mission. The quantity or quality of your reward depends on the difficulty you choose.

  • Medical 500
  • Exp 11,450
  • Virus Progress Report 2


  • Credits 610 Credits
  • Standard Weapon


  • Credits 915 Credits
  • Specialized Equipment


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