High threat hostile in proximity.

The Hunters are a one-of-a-kind enemy faction first introduced in the Survival update in Tom Clancy's The Division and is arguably one of the most dangerous foes a Division agent can encounter.

With the ability to imitate Division agents, these Hunters have increased mobility and the ability to use Skills; their tactics and behaviours are more similar to players than any other type of enemy, as well. Hunters can be clearly identified by the multiple glowing orange and red Smart Watches they wear as trophies from agents they have executed.

The identity and motives of the Hunters remain a mystery, but they show extreme brutality to Division agents that is nothing short of homicidal in nature, to the point where they will use an axe to melee and execute them while they are downed.


Each Hunter has a different appearance, but they share the same overall motif of dark heavy armor and dark ballistic masks. The Hunters are also adorned with SHD watches taken from the agents they have killed.

There are five distinct appearances for the Hunters:

  • Black ballistic mask and gray clothing.
  • Black and Yellow striped ballistic mask and white clothing.
  • Black ballistic mask with night vision goggles and black clothing.
  • Black and Yellow striped ballistic mask and gray clothing.
  • Camo striped ballistic mask, ghillie hood, and camo clothing.

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, each hunter wears a unique recognizable mask, that they drop upon being killed.

Known Named Hunters in Tom Clancy's The Division

Known Hunters in Tom Clancy's The Division 2

  • Bear (possibly) - Agent Edwards Support; Armed with a Custom AA-12, Assault Turrets and Striker Drones.
  • Unknown - (awards The Demon Mask) - Armed with a Custom SASG-12, Fixer Drones and Airburst Seeker-Mines.
  • Unknown - (awards The Ghoul Mask) - Armed with Paratrooper SVD, AA-12, Oxidizer Chem Launcher and Restorer Hives.
  • Unknown - (awards The Midas Mask) - Equipped with Blinder Firefly and Restorer Hives.
  • Unknown - (awards The Revenant Mask) - Armed with Lightweight M4, Marine Super 90, Incendiary Turrets and Stinger Hives.
  • Unknown - (awards The Cross Mask) - Armed with a Black Market AK-M, MP5, Stinger Hives and Reinforcer Chem Launcher.
  • Unknown - (awards The Diamond Mask) - Armed with a Custom P416, Custom M870 MCS, Airburst Seeker-Mines and Striker Drones.
  • Unknown - (awards The Death Mask) - Armed with a Custom Military Mk46, AA-12, Blinder Firefly and Explosive Seeker-Mines.
  • Unknown - (awards The Phantom Mask) - Armed with a Custom M44, MP5, Riot-Foam Chem Launcher and Sniper Turrets.
  • Unknown - (awards The Crimson Mask) - Armed with an Infantry MG5, Tactical UMP-45, Riot Foam Chem Launcher and Bombadier Drones.
  • Unknown - (awards The Wraith Mask) - Armed with a Custom G36 Enhanced, Enhanced AUG A3P, Blinder Firefly and Striker Drones.
  • Unknown - (awards The Ghost Mask) - Armed with an M1A CQB, AA-12, Restorer Hives and Defender Drones.
  • Unknown - (awards The Spectre Mask) - Armed with a Custom G36 Enhanced, AA-12, Artillery Turrets and Oxidizer Chem Launcher.
  • Unknown - (Exclusive vanity from Friend Referral program, by the Hunter name of Stinger)
  • Unknown - (Exclusive vanity from the store, by the Hunter name of Covert)

Known Hunters in Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York


Hunter peeking

A Hunter stalks its prey

Tom Clancy's The Division

When in Survival, Hunters will only appear when the player calls in an extraction. The number of players at the extraction will be equal to the number of hunters the players will face. It should be noted that if more players arrive in the extraction area after the extraction is called, more Hunters WILL spawn to make the number of Hunters equal the number of players. Once the extraction is called, the player's HUD will begin to glitch more aggressively and skills will be temporarily jammed. This indicates that the Hunters have arrived. 

Hunters have extreme mobility equal to that of players. They are capable of imitating and copying players such as rolling to avoid incoming fire and grenades and have faster-sprinting speed and mantling compared to other NPCs. Hunters will aggressively assault players in an attempt to force them into a corner. Unlike other Chargers who take a straight path to the player, Hunters will move from cover to cover quickly in a zigzag pattern towards the player. When working with other Hunters, it is common for one to suppress their target will the other tries to flank them.

The Hunters, while being classed as an Elite, do not have armour (excluding Resistance), along with fairly low health, making them as vulnerable as a player. High-end weapons are recommended to use against Hunters as they deal with the highest potential damage compared to other weapons of various Rarity.

As of Update 1.8: Resistance, players who engage in the Underground DLC will now have a chance to encounter Hunters mid-mission for a rare chance to get classified or exotic gear. If the player or squad is killed, the Hunters will not spawn in again and the player or group will continue with the normal mission. Hunters are included in Resistance mode as well, and once players successfully reach Wave 15 and up, Hunters are added to the waves of enemies with increasing difficulty of each wave beyond 20, each with varying skills, armaments, and most notably, armour.

A Hunter will also spawn on Legendary Difficulty missions if the group has not yet wiped, along with the bosses. Although they have no armour, their health pool is extremely high. On death, these Legendary Hunters drop one Exotic item. They can spawn on the following missions on Legendary:

Players with the D3-FNC gear set and/or substantial Skill Power can use the Ballistic Shield to prevent them from being down with a melee attack; this however leaves the agent with heavy damage to their shield.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Hunter TD2 (2)

A Hunter as seen in the Warlords of New York Gameplay Trailer

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, to fight a Hunter you must first follow a series of clues that will lead you to its location. Upon killing the Hunter, you will acquire its face mask.

Open world Hunter encounters can only be activated after the mission Agent Edwards Support. In this encounter, the D.C. agent searches for Agent Edwards, who has already been killed by the Hunter. After inspecting the body of Agent Edwards, a hunter will appear and engage the agent in a small skirmish, after which the hunter will rush up to the agent, punch them with a shock effect, then flee. After the completion of this side mission, all other Hunter encounters are unlocked.

Hunters in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 are significantly more dangerous than their Division 1 counterparts, with each Hunter having their own unique weapons and skills. Hunters are also capable of dealing with tremendous amounts of damage while taking plenty of themselves. Unlike most Hunters in The Division 1, all Hunters in The Division 2 come with armour, and lots of it, requiring that an agent and their team focus their fire on the target before it can heal.


Cascading trauma detected. Life signs not found.
- ISAC after a Hunter execution

Getting close to a Hunter is extremely dangerous and ill-advised, as they can instantly down any player with a melee attack. If an agent goes down, they may become vulnerable to a Hunter's execution assuming the Hunter isn't busy with another agent. Should an agent go down and no other threats are present, the Hunters will then enter execution mode in which they will shock the player with a Sticky Bomb Launcher, preventing them from moving, and eventually close in for the kill with their Combat Axe. This type of tactic can make revivals far more dangerous and lethal for any agent trying to get their downed comrades back in the fight as they may lie unconscious in an unfavourable, often exposed position.


Skills and Abilities

Hunters will use a variety of skills, provided by the SHD Tech they had acquired from previous agents. Similar to First Wave Division Rogue agents, a Hunter can hack the SHD Tech of its enemies and turn them against their user and group members. Hunters will also throw different types of grenades and send out EMP pulses, disrupting any skills.

In Tom Clancy's The Division, Hunters use two different skills and can choose from five different skills.

In addition, the Hunters will have access to three medkits to heal themselves. After using their third medkit, they won't be able to heal, unless the Hunter has First Aid equipped or a Support Station deployed.[1]

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Hunters can use all skills featured from Tom Clancy's The Division and including the many new skills introduced in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. [2]

In The Division 2, Hunters have access to four armour kits (the same amount as players who have upgraded their Armor Kit perk at the Base of Operations), and a combination of two-player skills.


Hunters carry a variety of weapons, depending on their type. They have access to one long-range weapon (MMR, LMG, AR) and one short-range weapon (SMG, SG).[3]




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