As the highest command within the Hyenas, the Hyena Council consists of the toughest and smartest pack leaders from the various clans, centralizing the faction's power, leadership, and organization of the Hyenas.

The Council is led by Books, the Assembly Supervisor, making him the de facto leader of the Hyenas overall.

With Books and the remaining Council members brought to justice at the District Union Arena, the Hyenas become disorganized and decentralized, making them a low-to-minor threat to D.C.


As the Hyenas and other factions attempt to control D.C., most Hyena clans especially faced the most threats from the True Sons, led by former JTF Colonel Antwon Ridgeway. This gave Coyote, a high-ranking Hyena member, an idea to form a Council within the Hyenas, ensuring cooperation between the different clans, and making sure that they all have power and leadership centralized within the faction.

After slight disagreements, other Hyena bosses agreed to the idea. The Council was then formed, who was led by Books, the Assembly Supervisor.


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