The Hyenas are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. While combining the killing instinct, thievery premise, and the firearm combat discipline of the Rioters and the Rikers in Tom Clancy's The Division., those similarities end there as it is suggested that power centralized by a faction council was formed even in the events prior to the game.

The Hyenas show a lack of free world discipline, roaming around in groups and charging around in a fight rather than holding their ground. They show a lack of tactics at times, being only concerned about destroying their opponents.

After SHD brought all council members to justice, including the ones in the District Union Arena, the Hyenas become disorganized.



A loosely organized gang of opportunistic raiders that prey on struggling civilian encampments through violence and intimidation. These hedonistic scavengers take everything they can steal and destroy everything else to deprive their enemies of valuable resources. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest pack leaders.


The Hyenas leadership and government structure is a combination of a federation and an autocracy. As a federation the Hyenas are led by a council of Hyena clans. Each clan is self-governing and relatively independent from one another but are all unified as one. As an autocracy each clan is led by a single leader who has absolute authority over his/her own clan and represents them within the council.

Originally the Hyenas were divided and often fought each other until Coyote proposed to other clan leaders to unify together. She argued that they all faced a common foe, the True Sons, and that they need to band together if they were going to survive. The others agreed and thus the council was formed.

Intelligence Brief

Much like their animal counterpart the Hyenas are generally opportunistic raiders and scavengers who prey on the weak but can also stand their ground against more powerful foes. The Hyenas appear to consists mostly of late teens and young adults who are either criminals, affiliated with gangs before the outbreak, and/or simply revel in the anarchy. In fact, they've been known to manufacture drugs as drug labs can be seen within Hyena occupied buildings. Their general combat skills can be seen as unorthodox, unorganized and unprofessional as some disregard using covers, wildly shoot their weapons without aiming or simply take take drugs and maniacally charge into battle. Their tactics is simply put; to overwhelm their target with numbers by pinning them down and allowing others to rush in for close combat. Despite this, as a faction they are relatively organized and intelligent as they are able to re-purpose and use military weapons (mini-guns and grenade launchers) and their council is shown to possess a decent level of a government structure. The Hyenas mark their territory with green paint and fumes.

Relationship with other factions

The Hyenas are at war with the True Sons and have fought to a stalemate against them. In fact, the main reason for various Hyena clans to unify was because of the True Sons, suggesting that prior to the unification each clan were being decimated by their enemy. Evidence of a battle between the two can be seen in buildings, on the streets and near control points, with corpses from either faction being present. Judging by the fact that Hyena possess more control points with mini-gun than any other factions, it can be assumed that the Hyenas are on the defensive in this war.

Following the death of several Hyena Council members and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Hyenas are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C.

Known Hyena Packs

  • Mall Rats
  • 12th Street Spicelords
  • Spec-Ops Bitches
  • Congress Rats
  • Rat Race
  • Bitch Masters
  • Dober Men
  • River Rats
  • North Lawn Bitches


  • Assault - The Standard Hyena equipped with an assault rifle. They tend to flank and run out of cover often in an attempt to kill their enemies.
  • Thrower - Female Hyenas armed with assault weapons and grenades. The grenades take time to explode so the player needs to get out of harm's way before it happens. Veteran and Elite variants are more dangerous--especially the Elite ones as they can throw grenades more often if they prefer.
  • Rusher - Sadistic Hyenas that drug themselves with a strange fluid before rushing up close and personal to the player to beat them with batons. Veteran Rushers can cause heavy damage or kill a SHD agent up front with a 3-hit combo and an Elite Rusher have shock batons that can take down SHD agents with ease. Note that if the player hits the red support box, they (and any enemies that are within splash proximity) will be confused for a short time and wander in the direction of their other group members before regaining consciousness.
  • Sniper - Long-range Hyenas that obviously stay very far and attack with marksman rifles. They can blind anyone with a green light laser, or fire high-velocity rounds that do high damage.
  • Controller - Female Hyenas who stay in mid-to-long range and attack with Radio-Controlled Vehicles filled with explosives, Napalm B, whatever the agent can deduce. Veteran and Elite variants can deploy more dangerous RCs if needed.
  • Tank - Strictly male and elite, Heavy Tanks are slow Hyenas suffering from poor mobility, but when it comes to raw damage, they have no equals. Their weak points are their red support stations/ammo boxes that will force them to reload if destroyed. These Hyenas can't take cover, but they typically use heavy weapons (which do lots of damage mid-range) and if a SHD agent gets reckless, they can either punch to inflict massive damage or kill a SHD agent up front. Weakest of all the heavy tanks in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the Heavy Tank is STILL a strong enemy.
  • Medic - Hyena Medics are female Hyenas trained to provide healing to downed Hyenas. Elite Hyenas can potentially double the health capacity of other downed Hyenas, but note that they can't restore any armor. Shooting the Red defilibrator will prevent the medic from healing others in the vicinity. They can prolong the battle, so these Hyenas need to be a priority.
  • Shield - Hyenas who use bulwark riot shields with a sub-machine gun. The bulwark shield can be negated with a 7.62mm weapon with full automatic (i.e. Light Machine Gun), but in certain circumstances, a full automatic weapon with 5.56mm ammo works fine as well. They will take cover once their sheild is destroyed. Veteran and Elite variants are obviously more dangerous as Vets attack more often and Elites have additional tools to dish out SHD agents at their discretion.
  • Engineer - Hyenas who are veteran enemies and above. They use shotguns to fend for themselves, but their real strength lie in deploying turrets similar to but less advanced than SHD Sniper Turret. They shoot powerful, high-caliber bullets which cause heavy damage. The Elite turrets also cause a shock effect, and are used by many Hyena bosses.. They can be a problem if there are a lot of Hyenas on-site and if the agent doesn't negate them quickly.

Named Members



  • Scalpel
  • Pebble
  • Rebound
  • Saint
  • Dash
  • Gemini
  • Magpie
  • Shark



"Our shit, this is our fucking shit! Ugh! ugh! ugh!"
— A member of the Hyenas expressing his actions towards the area that they control.
"This belongs to the Hyenas!"
— A Hyenas member in combat with a Division agent or a member of another faction, proving, that the Hyenas currently own the area.
"Don't know why we're out here. Nobody's trying to steal this shit."
— A Hyenas faction member safeguarding a valuable.
"Listen up fuckos, we're taking this place for sure this time, but you assholes stay back here make sure we don't get surrounded or some shit."
— A member of the Hyenas ordering other members to secure the area and hold back
"Our job is to make sure nobody comes up from behind."
— A Hyena member telling other members to stay on point and watch out for those who might come up from behind and attack them.
"Just keep your goddamn eyes open!"
— A Hyena member shouts at other members whilst engaged in combat.
"Bleed, motherfucker! Bleed!"
— A Hyena engaged in combat
"You Division fucks! You need to die!"
— A Male Hyena member provocating SHD agent in combat.
"Lets kill 'em and take all their stuff!"
— A member of the Hyenas engaged in combat.
"Never liked that fucker anyway!""
— A member of the Hyenas when one of their allies falls in battle.
"What's the matter? Got a boo-boo?"
— A male member of the Hyenas catching a SHD Agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.
"What the hell you need that for?!"
— A male member of the Hyenas catching a SHD Agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.
"This ain't a hospital!"
— A female member of the Hyenas catching a SHD Agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.
"That's. It. That's. It."
— A Male Hyena Member catching a SHD agent off-guard or when a Hyena gets downed depending on the mood he's in.


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