A loosely organized gang of opportunistic raiders that prey on struggling civilian encampments through violence and intimidation. These hedonistic scavengers take everything they can steal and destroy everything else to deprive their enemies of valuable resources. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest pack leaders.
- Hyena Description

The Hyenas are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. While combining the killing instinct, thievery premise, and the firearm combat discipline of the Rioters and the Rikers in Tom Clancy's The Division., those similarities end there as it is suggested that power centralized by a faction council was formed even in the events prior to the game.

The Hyenas show a lack of free world discipline, roaming around in groups and charging around in a fight rather than holding their ground. They show a lack of tactics at times, being only concerned about destroying their opponents.

After The Division brought most council members to justice, including the ones in the District Union Arena, the Hyenas become disorganized.

However, two council members remain active and at large: Mayhem and Zodiac.

Leadership Edit

The Hyenas leadership and government structure is a combination of a federation and an autocracy. As a federation, the Hyenas are led by a council of Hyena clans. Each clan is self-governing and relatively independent of one another but are all unified as one. As an autocracy, each clan is led by a single leader who has absolute authority over his/her own clan and represents them within the council.

Originally the Hyenas were divided and often fought each other until Coyote proposed to other clan leaders to unify together. She argued that they all faced a common foe, the True Sons and that they need to band together if they were going to survive. The others agreed and thus the council was formed.

Intelligence Brief Edit

Much like their animal counterparts, the Hyenas are generally opportunistic raiders and scavengers who prey on the weak but can also stand their ground against more powerful foes. The Hyenas appear to consist mostly of late teens and young adults who are either criminals, affiliated with gangs before the outbreak, and/or simply revel in the anarchy. In fact, they've been known to manufacture drugs as drug labs can be seen within Hyena occupied buildings.

Their general combat skills can be seen as unorthodox, unorganized and unprofessional as some disregard using covers, wildly shoot their weapons without aiming or simply take drugs and maniacally charge into battle. Their tactics are simply put; to overwhelm their target with numbers by pinning them down and allowing others to rush in for close combat.

Despite this, as a faction they are relatively organized and intelligent as they are able to re-purpose and use military weapons (mini-guns and grenade launchers) and their council is shown to possess a decent level of a government structure. The Hyenas mark their territory with green paint and fumes.

Relationship with other factions Edit

The Hyenas are at war with the True Sons and have fought to a stalemate against them. In fact, the main reason for various Hyena clans to unify was because of the True Sons, suggesting that prior to the unification each clan was being decimated by their enemy. Evidence of a battle between the two can be seen in buildings, on the streets and near control points, with corpses from either faction being present. Judging by the fact that Hyena possesses more control points with mini-gun than any other factions, it can be assumed that the Hyenas are on the defensive in this war.

However, for some reason they are hostile towards the Outcasts as an echo located on H Street NW, near the World’s End control point provides evidence that at least one group of Hyenas (Composed of Shocks, Temper, Bullet and two other unnamed Hyenas) and at least one group of outcasts (Composed of the Kilt, The Swift, The Mast and 2 other unnamed outcasts) were fighting over territory while trying to take out a squad of True Sons guarding a building in Downtown West (Composed of Private Scott, Private Madding, Private Usher, Private McMasters and two other unnamed True Sons.)

Following the death of several Hyena Council members and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Hyenas are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C.

As shown by the heroic bounties, Capitol Trash and South Lawn Pack the Hyenas have started trying to organize themselves by fighting Division agents to decide a winner and select a new council member from their ranks. This was not to be as The Division had ranks composed of stronger units.

However, Venus has recruited some of the Hyenas along the Cleaners to create some kind of plan in D.C.. However what this plan is is currently unknown.

Tactics Edit

Known Hyena Packs Edit

  • Mall Rats
  • 12th Street Spicelords
  • Spec-Ops Bitches
  • Congress Rats
  • Bitch Masters
  • Bitch Pastor
  • Bitch Spec-Ops
  • Bitch Clergy
  • Bitch Congress
  • Dober Men
  • River Rats
  • North Lawn Bitches
  • North Lawn Rabbits
  • North Lawn Runners
  • North Lawn Rats
  • Temple Bitches
  • Temple Rats
  • Temple Runners
  • Temple Catfish
  • Afterschool Special
  • Freebasers
  • Rat Bitches
  • Rat Race
  • Rat Masters
  • Metro Runners
  • Underground Railroad
  • South Lawn Rats
  • South Lawn Runners
  • South Lawn Bitches
  • South Lawn Kings - Heroic
  • South Lawn Rabbits
  • South Lawn Pack - Heroic
  • Catfish Masters
  • Church Kings
  • Church Runners
  • Church Mice
  • Church Rats
  • Church Dealers
  • Church Queens
  • Church Bitches
  • Lawn Queens
  • Pastor Catfish
  • Center Runners
  • Center Pack
  • Sky High
  • Capitol Bitches
  • Capitol Trash
  • Capitol Rats
  • Don't Feed the Animals
  • 7th Street Dealers
  • Rabid Rabbits
  • Roaming Bitches
  • Circle Runners
  • Circle Pack
  • Gator‘s Game
  • Southside Bitches
  • Spec-Ops Bitches
  • Clerical Rats
  • Clergy Rats
  • Mall Rats
  • Plaza Pack
  • FTP
  • Trash Pandas
  • St. Mary's Bitches
  • German Shepherds
  • Bunker Bitches
  • Meatlocker
  • Queen Bees
  • Washington Highs
  • Catfishing
  • Congregation Pack
  • Runners
  • Killer Queens
  • District Pack
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Consitution
  • River Rats
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Circle Runners

Weapons Used Edit

Guns Edit

Special Ammo Edit

  • Shock Rounds

Unusable (Weapons and Grenades) Edit

  • Shock Grenades
  • Concussion Grenades
  • Tear Gas Grenades
  • Sniper Turrets
  • Shock Batons
  • Riot Shield

Archetypes Edit

When I first started seeing these assholes show up, I figured it was bad news. I've seen my share of Black Bloc-style folks, and these weren't them. They were well-armed, but disorganized. Figured they'd maybe raided military surplus stores or something.

The Assault unit are deeply indoctrinated by the Hyena's ethos. They are unorganized and inexperienced in combat, relying on intimidation and constant gunfire to make up for their shortcomings. The Assault unit use raiding and looting to instill fear into the citizens of DC.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire.
  • Armed with a Police UMP-45 (Regular), or a G36C (Veteran/Elite).
  • Elite Assaults in the Dark Zone will be equipped with shock grenades.
  • Assaults in the tutorial missions will be equipped with First Wave PF45 pistols.

Oh, sure. Call it a toy. Deride it for being low-tech. But whatever you do, don't discount it. Someone delivering a block of C4 to your cover position will wreck your day, no matter how bad-ass you're feeling.

Controllers have knowledge of mechanics and are considered the "intellectuals" of the Hyenas. They operate remote-controlled cars rigged with explosives and treat the battlefield like a playground. Their lack of danger perception is both their strength and weakness.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyena Controller archetype deploys remote-controlled explosive cars from behind cover.
  • They are armed with a 93R pistol (regular) or a Tactical Vector 45 ACP (Veteran/Elite).
  • Elite RC cars set the area around the car's explosion on fire, and confuse anyone within the blast radius.
  • Destroying the Controller's backpack is an effective way to put an end to the enemy.
  • Named Hyena Controllers in the Dark Zone will be equipped with shock grenades.

Turned a corner to find two of these guys with their turrets set up and thought to myself, "Nope nope nope." Ended up rolling out three EMPs and sprinting up on them with a shotty. I do not feel charitable when it comes to the idea of getting killed by a machine.

Engineers use sniper turrets and suppression tactics to subdue their enemies. Without their turrets, they have little combat value; therefore, they will do everything in their power to keep their weapons operational, even if it means exposing themselves to enemy fire.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyena Engineer archetype sets up sniper turrets and attempts to repair them when they're damaged.
  • Armed with a Marine Super 90 (Veteran/Elite).
  • Destroying the Engineer's backpack before they've set up their turret will prevent them from deploying it.
  • Damage a deployed turret to expose the engineer.
  • Elite engineer turrets inflict the shock effect if it hits agents.

I mean, not exactly a medic in the strictest sense of the word. They aren't fooling anyone about healing them. Take a syringe filled with adrenaline and shove it in someone who's almost dead. Stand back and watch what happens.

Medics are adept at administering injections quickly and under duress. Many of them are believed to be comprised of addicts and former drug dealers. Medics are heavily involved in spice production and often volunteer themselves as test subjects in order to evaluate new strains.

Strategic Data

  • They are armed with a PP-19 (Regular), or a Black Market T821 (Veteran/Elite).
  • The Hyenas Medic archetype sprints to dead allies in an attempt to revive them with adrenaline, and supports living allies with combat stims.
  • Destroying the red strip on the Medic's bag prevents them from assisting allies.

I don't have the first fucking clue what these guys are shooting up with, but it's got to be something like PCP. I've never seen anyone take that much punishment before without a substance that removes pain inhibitors.

Rushers are delusional and unyielding, using drugs to boost their confidence and adrenaline. Recognized by their stolen police batons and riot helmet/gas mask combo, many of them are believed to be former criminals who were serving jail time when the Green Poison hit DC.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Rusher archetype sprints towards targets and attempts to melee them with a baton.
  • Hyena Rushers also have a destructible riot helmet that prevents headshots.
  • The helmet is fragile and can be destroyed with about 1/2 a clip of assault rifle ammo.
  • Their Spice bag is on their left hip.
  • The Hyenas' spice grants extra speed and damage to melee attacks.
  • Destroying the Rusher's spice supply confuses them, and prevents them from using the drug.
  • Elite rushers are equipped with shock batons and inflict the shock status effect if an agent is struck.
  • Rushers in the tutorial missions lack the armoured helmet.

Of all the annoying sons of bitches I've come across, these have to be the worst. Had a merry time with one of these jerks just outside a Doko, and I can't say I loved it. Just kept circling each other for ages looking for an opening. Of course I could have just dropped a present through their mail slot, but I must have been off my game that day.

The Shield unit engage enemies at close range and often express dissatisfaction towards allies who use safer tactics in combat. Off the battlefield, they work as enforcers, using violence and intimidation to strengthen the Hyenas' foothold on the city.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Shield archetype takes cover behind a massive riot shield while facing down his enemies with a sidearm.
  • Armed with a Snubnosed Diceros (Regular),a Semi-Automatic Converted SMG-9(Veteran) or Fully Automatic SMG-9 (Elite).
  • Destroying the shield is quite difficult, but can be accomplished.
  • Aiming for the feet can cause the Shield to stagger.
  • Destroying an Elite Shield's Riot Shield will make him switch from his SMG to the Diceros.
  • A small window in the shield allows for visibility, but it also a vulnerability.
  • Named Bounty Shields will be equipped with Incendiary RC Cars and Sniper Turrets loaded with Shock Rounds, however, they cannot repair the turret.

The laser dazzlers they use are serious business. This is the kind of thing that can cause extreme retinal damage, and that you see on the news from time to time when someone decides it's hilarious to point them at landing jets. Bunch of idiots.

Snipers are arrogant and ruthless. Unlike their military counterparts, discretion is not their forte. Despite this, they panic in close combat and will flee when their enemies get too close. Snipers train daily and keep a kill count among themselves.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Sniper archetype stays in cover at long range.
  • Armed with a Surplus SVD, and a Px4 Storm Type T (Regular) or a PF45 (Veteran/Elite) at close range
  • Aiming at the Sniper while she uses her laser dazzler results in being Blinded.

These guys aren't finding grenade launchers in military surplus stores, or even raided SWAT storage. Certainly not in the numbers that they're in possession of. They've got to have another source for that kind of hardware.

Throwers are erratic and unpredictable. They recklessly use demolitions, often endangering the lives of themselves and their allies. Some Throwers create their own explosives using looted industrial grade chemicals.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Thrower archetype fires a tear gas grenade launcher from range.
  • They are armed with an M32A1 grenade launcher equipped with Tear Gas grenades.
  • They are also armed with a Px4 Storm Type F (Regular), or a Aug Para XS SMG. (Veteran/Elite)
  • Destroy the ammo pouch on the back waist to kill or damage the thrower.
  • Elite throwers fire multiple concussion grenades in succession.
  • Throwers in the Tutorial missions are armed with 586 magnums.
  • They have concussion grenades instead of a grenade launcher.

I was out near the eastern dark zone a month or so ago, and got pinned in an alley with one of these guys. Bad news. Couldn't whittle down his armor, so I ended up clipping his ammo belt and jetting past him. No shame in running.

Tanks are armed with machine guns and try to overwhelm their enemies with persistent fire. They were selected for their size and ability to carry a lot of weight. Off the battlefield they are responsible for keeping order inside Hyena strongholds.

Strategic Data

  • The Hyenas Tank archetype relentlessly moves towards enemies, fearless behind a bulwark of heavy armor.
  • They are armed with an MG5 LMG.
  • Destroying the Tank's ammo belt forces him to manually reload his machinegun.
  • If an agent places down a turret, the tank will immediately go to it and destroy it.
  • Only seen as Elite or Named Enemies.

Named Members Edit

Leaders Edit

Classified Assignments & Side Missions Edit

  • Pebbles - Killed by the Division at MLK Library Community; Unique Assault armed with Molotov Cocktails
  • Zero - Killed by The Division at the Nelson Theater; Thrower
  • Chemist - Killed by The Division at the Tens Nightclub Infiltration; Medic
  • Tangerine - Killed by The Division at the Tens Nightclub Infiltration; Unique Tank armed with an M32A1 Grenade Launcher similar to True Sons Tanks.

Snitch Card Enemies Edit

  • Dewey (2 of Spades) - Assault
  • Crab (3 of Spades) - Rusher
  • Sharps (4 of Spades) - Thrower
  • Fever (5 of Spades) - Sniper
  • Bootleg (6 of Spades) - Medic
  • Mullet (7 of Spades) - Engineer
  • Snowman (8 of Spades) - Assault
  • Pusher (9 of Spades) - Thrower
  • Sawbuck (10 of Spades - Sniper
  • Jackknife (Jack of Spades) - Shield
  • Calamity (Queen of Spades) - Controller
  • Cowboy (King of Spades) - Tank
  • Spike (Ace of Spades) - Engineer

Others Edit


  • Scalpel
  • Pebble
  • Dash
  • Gemini
  • Magpie
  • Shark
  • Chunky
  • Cuz
  • Widow
  • Walker
  • Smokes
  • Halo
  • Juniper
  • Jokes - Tank
  • Sharky- Shield
  • Cutie
  • Beetle
  • Joint
  • Dragon
  • Tempe
  • Dolphin
  • Frenchie - Controller
  • Shakey - Shield
  • Dent - Thrower
  • Hatter - Controller
  • Twitch - Assault
  • Tilapia
  • George - Thrower
  • Bags - Assault
  • Plastic - Controller
  • Devil - Controller
  • Twitch - Tank
  • Rash - Engineer
  • Cuffs - Shield
  • Scalpel - Medic
  • Burger - Controller
  • Dom - Shield
  • Apple - Thrower
  • Shakey - Shield
  • Twitch - Engineer
  • Jelly - Tank
  • Sub - Shield
  • Birdie - Controller
  • Perch - Tank
  • Sharky - Tank
  • Bubbles
  • Magpie - Thrower
  • Salmon - Tank
  • Trap - Sniper
  • Bluegill - Tank
  • Angel - Sniper
  • Toker - Shield
  • Tilapia - Assault
  • Shakes - Medic
  • Sharts - Shield
  • Snowdrop - Sniper
  • Rally - Tank
  • Fog - Medic
  • Bags - Assault
  • Chunky - Assault
  • Rail - Engineer
  • Nicks - Shield
  • Summer - Thrower
  • Penny - Engineer
  • Snart - Shield
  • Nicked - Assault
  • Cook - Controller
  • Monk - Medic
  • Ranger - Sniper
  • Junky - Controller
  • Dom - Engineer
  • Kona - Shield
  • Jumper - Medic
  • Camp - Controller
  • Virgo - Shield
  • Bubbles - Sniper
  • Misty - Sniper
  • Sickle - Assault
  • Kitten - Tank
  • Cap - Medic
  • Possum - Sniper
  • Toke - Engineer
  • Donner - Medic
  • Kicks - Engineer
  • Snakes - Assault
  • Taurus - Engineer
  • Tuna - Assault
  • Chains - Assault
  • Bullfrog - Engineer
  • Ranger - Thrower
  • Jokes - Tank
  • Chunky - Engineer
  • Scorpio - Assault
  • Dom - Shield
  • Sketch - Controller
  • Munk - Shield
  • Cancer - Assault
  • Pops - Assault
  • Silver - Medic
  • Sweetie - Sniper
  • Tag - Sniper
  • Daylight - Medic
  • Nicks - Assault
  • Walker - Sniper
  • Squid - Controller
  • Apple - Sniper
  • Lilypad - Controller
  • Bluegill - Engineer
  • Aqua - Assault
  • Halo - Sniper
  • Pisces - Tank
  • Frenchie - Controller
  • Professor - Sniper
  • Ashy - Assault
  • Devil - Controller
  • Stain - Medic
  • Valentine - Thrower
  • Ketchup - Thrower
  • Twitch - Shield
  • Chip - Shield
  • Jumper - Thrower
  • Cuffs - Tank
  • Kona - Shield
  • Aloha - Engineer
  • Salmon - Shield
  • Plumber - Sniper
  • Doc - Thrower
  • Rooster - Engineer
  • Dragon - Tank
  • Ration - Shield
  • Trout - Shield
  • Bumper - Thrower
  • 8-ball - Shield
  • Mustard - Sniper
  • Cuffs - Assault
  • Hacker - Medic
  • Castle - Medic
  • Troll - Sniper
  • Kitten - Shield
  • Lilypad - Medic
  • Aries - Engineer
  • Dent - Sniper
  • Rail - Shield
  • Libra - Engineer
  • Bustle - Controller
  • Dom - Engineer
  • Pops - Engineer
  • Angel - Medic
  • Connie - Controller
  • Snakes - Shield
  • Snicker - Medic
  • Olive - Controller
  • Tulsa - Assault
  • Bats - Assault
  • Tigerlily - Assault
  • Mech - Assault
  • Breakeven - Sniper

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

Our shit, this is our fucking shit! Ugh! ugh! ugh!
- A member of the Hyenas expressing his actions towards the area that they control.

This belongs to the Hyenas!
- A Hyenas member in combat with a Division agent or a member of another faction, proving, that the Hyenas currently own the area.

Don't know why we're out here. Nobody's trying to steal this shit.
- A Hyenas faction member safeguarding a valuable.

Listen up fuckos, we're taking this place for sure this time, but you assholes stay back here make sure we don't get surrounded or some shit.
- A member of the Hyenas ordering other members to secure the area and hold back

Our job is to make sure nobody comes up from behind.
- A Hyena member telling other members to stay on point and watch out for those who might come up from behind and attack them.

Just keep your goddamn eyes open!
- A Hyena member shouts at other members whilst engaged in combat.

Bleed, motherfucker! Bleed!
- A Hyena engaged in combat

You Division fucks! You need to die!
- A Male Hyena member provocating Division agent in combat.

Lets kill 'em and take all their stuff!
- A member of the Hyenas engaged in combat.

Never liked that fucker anyway!"
- A member of the Hyenas when one of their allies falls in battle.

What's the matter? Got a boo-boo?
- A male member of the Hyenas catching a Division agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.

What the hell you need that for?!
- A male member of the Hyenas catching a Division agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.

This ain't a hospital!
- A female member of the Hyenas catching a Division agent using either an armor recovery kit or some form of armor recovery.

That's. It. That's. It.
- A Male Hyena member catching a Division agent off-guard or when a Hyena gets downed depending on the mood he's in.

Come on! Are you out of ammo yet?
- A Male Hyena member having beef about a Division agent habitually shooting at him under suppressive fire.

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