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ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer) is a highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) entity available to all active Division agents equipped with an SHD Tech transceiver. Accessible via the SHD Network, ISAC serves as the critical backbone of all Division activities.

ISAC's assimilative intelligence provides key field-operation services to every agent including but not limited to communications, real-time analytics, remote data collection and retrieval, weather telemetry, and inter-action with assorted other technologies. It can even go as far as reconstructing the events of a scene by using ambient data gathering to generate an ECHO hologram of the event. It communicates to the player through a computerized voice with short, clipped phrases. When not speaking with other characters, ISAC is an agent's go-to source for information at any time. Its main function is to keep the communications of the Strategic Homeland Division and the Division agents secure.

ISAC can sort and analyze field sensor information to provide tactical support; relay alerts and updates; identify human targets or contacts via biometric markers; and set waypoints to strategic objectives.

A note of origin: ISAC is The Division's advanced version of CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes), a project developed by the Pentagon's famed DARPA unit (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that eventually led to commercial applications such as various virtual assistants.


The New York City data node was placed under a special Division team from the Strategic Branch. However, Simon Keyes was its only survivor by the events of Tom Clancy's The Division. Agent Rainer secretly organizes a conspiracy to take over it in the storyline of Operation ISAC, but his plans are foiled by Division agents.

The Washington, D.C. data node was placed inside the Jefferson Trade Center and was shut down by the time of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the complex having been taken over by the Hyenas. Division agents were dispatched to clear the area of the group and reactivate the node.


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