ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer), pronounced like the name "ISAC" as a verbal abbreviation, is a highly advanced AI system available to all active agents of The Division, accessible through its SHD technology.


The system serves as a critical backbone for all Division activities, providing key services to an agent such as communications, real-time analytics, remote data collection and retrieval, interactions with assorted technologies, biometrics, and many others. It can even go as far as reconstructing the events of a scene by using ambient data gathering to generate an ECHO hologram of the event. It communicates to the player through a computerized voice with short, clipped phrases. When not speaking with other characters, ISAC is an agent's go-to source for information at any time. Its main function is to keep the communications of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) and the Division agents secure.


The New York City data node was placed under a special Division team from the Strategic Branch. However, Simon Keyes was its only survivor by the events of Tom Clancy's The Division. Agent Rainer secretly organizes a conspiracy to take over it in the storyline of Operation ISAC, but his plans are foiled by Division agents.

The Washington D.C. data node was placed inside the Jefferson Trade Center and was shut down by the time of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the complex having been taken over by the Hyenas. Division agents were dispatched to clear the area of the group and reactivate the node.

Quotes Edit

Intelligent System Analytic Computer is activated. All ISAC systems are confirmed online.
- When finished with character customization at beginning of the game

A new agent is joining your team.
- When an agent is invited and accepts

Transmissions jammed, proximity coverage only. Backup activated. System rebooted.
- When entering the Dark Zone

Warning: now entering Dark Zone
- When entering Dark Zone

Caution: entering Dark Zone
- When entering Dark Zone

Agent on your team is down, requires assistance.
- When an agent in the player's current group goes down

Agent on your team requires aid immediately.
- When an agent in the player's current group goes down

Warning: Heavily armored hostile approaching.
- When a High Value Target enters the area

You have disavowed The Division, you are now marked as rogue.
- When the player goes rogue

You have disavowed Division affiliation. This action will mark you as rogue.
- When the player goes rogue

An agent on your team has disavowed The Division, you are now marked as rogue.
- When another agent on the player's current group goes rogue

Warning: readings indicate this area is contaminated.
- When the agent enters a contaminated zone

Biohazard warning: entering contaminated zone.
- When the agent enters a contaminated zone

You are now leaving the contaminated area.
- When the agent leaves a contaminated zone

Readings indicate this area is safe.
- When the player enters a safe zone

Warning: you are now leaving the safe area.
- When the player leaves the safe area

Core temperature dropping. Threat of hypothermia increased.
- When the player leaves a heat source, shelter, or a hideout in Survival

Alert: Shade technology detected. Syncing with Shade Technology.
- When the player picks up the items dropped from Hornet at the end of the Russian Consulate mission

Warning: High Carbon dioxide levels in the air.
- In the mission Broadway Emporium

Warning: Counter-measures detected. Establishing.... Warning: Network privileges revoked.
- After the terminal that the agent activated in the Server Room in the Russian Consulate is jammed by Hornet

Alert/Warning: Hostiles Approaching.
- Said on multiple missions when enemy reinforcements arrive to engage the player

No signs of viral contamination.
- Said when scanning money jars/cash registers in Broadway Emporium

Object tests negative for viral contamination.
- Said when scanning money jars/cash registers in Broadway Emporium

Alert: Viral contamination confirmed.
- Said when finding the tainted dollar bills in Broadway Emporium

Fatal trauma detected. Notifying Division.
- Said when an agent is killed

Lethal injuries detected.
- Said when an agent is killed

Cascading trauma detected. Life signs not found.
- After a Hunter executes an agent

Life signs terminated due to exsanguination.
- Said when an agent is killed

Vitals are at dangerous levels.
- When the agent's health is low and is close to being downed

Friendly Division agent is down.
- When a group member is downed and requires revival

Vitals at critical levels.
- When the agent is nearly downed

Vitals are at critical levels, emergency procedure required.
- When the agent is downed and needs assistance getting revived

Vitals are critical, seek medical attention immediately.
- When a agent is close to being downed and needs reviving or healing

Toxic chemical residue detected.
- When ISAC warns the agent of nearby toxic chemicals

Reinforcements en route.
- When a agent fires their flare gun up into the sky requesting for reinforcements

Agent needs assistance
- When a Division agent is downed

Vital signs critical.
- When an agent's health is close to being downed

Incoming alert on S.H.D. emergency channel.
- ISAC alerts the player of a emergency occurring


The voice actor for the ISAC AI in both the games is the American actor Brandon Keener.[1][2]


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